Whatsapp Clone Script


Features of Whatsapp Clone Script


The whatsapp clone facilitates sign up with phone number. It comes with TWILIO API incorporated to authenticate phone numbers and figure out if the user is signing up for the first time or is signing back in.


The user can sign in to the app by using his phone number and if the user has already signed up before then the whatsapp source code recognizes the user and pre loads the user’s name and user profile photo.


Users can import his-her profile image from facebook while signing up on the Whatsapp Clone – Wechat clone and the whatsapp replicated will upload the picture to the server for record maintaining.


On first signup all of the user’s contacts are synced on the server and the whatsapp recognizes which of the user’s phone contacts is already on the whatsapp clone. Contacts are synced in real time and if a contact joins the app later on, you can locate this contact in the FAVORITES page of the whatsapp clone.


Users can up-date their status on the Wechat clone and this will get updated in real-time to all of the user’s contacts. The user can select from a list of fixed status messages or can set up his own custom position message just like how it’s carried out on the original Whatsapp.


The user’s chat history with all of his contacts are recorded on the chat history display screen on the telegram clone. This screen is also synced in real time and if one of the contact’s alters his profile image it gets altered effectively on this screen as well. The un seen information count is updated in real time and the most current chat is shown on top. All this is maintained in real time on the telegram source code. The whatsapp Clone also has a feature to e-mail the chat history.


Chat in real time and swap text messages in real time. You can now find out when the message arrived at the server, reached the receiver and when the receiver read the message completely in actual time. You can also see in real time when the receive is TYPING.


Every user’s last seen status is viewed on the chat information screen on the wechat clone. Discover when the user is online; when he goes offline and when he was last seen, all this is up graded in real time.


The app maintains a record of all the calls made, obtained and missed on the whatsapp clone.


Our whatsapp clone facilitates free app to app audio phoning via WebRTC. The whole signaling system for controlling the calls is designed on Socket.IO and comes pre built on our Node.JS backend application. You don’t need to pay any money for web hosting the backend program for calling as we use fully open source software programs.


Our whatsapp clone facilitates free app to app video calling via WebRTC. The entire signaling program for managing the calls is developed on Socket.IO and comes pre built on our Node.JS backend application. You don’t have to pay any money for hosting the backend system for calling as we use completely open source software. So you can now speak in real time and see the other person as you communicate.


The Whatsapp like chat software enables you to swap diverse media inside the chat window. The mobile talk software at the time allows users to
1) Share pictures 2) Share videos 3) Share specific location 4) Share contacts All the media content material like images and videos can be used from the user’s chat history.


  • DASHBOARD You can look at the total messages exchanged on the program in real time.
  • USERS LIST Simple way to browse all authorized users on the app.

Coming Soon

  • Web based chat platform.
  • Audio and video calling through web.



Mesapp , our Whatsapp Clone for iOS and Android is one of the most technically enhanced Instant Messaging duplicate scripts out there in the market place.The Whatsapp Source Code uses state of the art technological innovation like NodeJS , Socket.IO , REDIS , WebRTC , MongoDB to provide real time messaging practical experience. Whatsapp replicated in the market designed completely on the PHP stack. The Instant Messaging App is totally real time and can be hosted on your own web server. The Whatsapp Clone – Wechat Clone – Telegram Clone also support free audio and video phoning. Whistling technology developed over Socket.IO for starting and finishing calls comes free with the source code. The Instant Messaging App uses REDIS and MongoDB as its data base , the program warranties web scale for when your software goes viral with large numbers of users! The Whatsapp Source Code comes with a NodeJS based server backend which we can set up on premise on your hosted MEAN server to track users. Whatsapp Clone Script will give an outstanding user experience to your clients. We have done relatively a few custom remaking of the Whatsapp clone.


  • A Whatsapp Duplicate for your small business where you can apply this as the standard team management tool and use it as your principal chat engine.
  • A Whatsapp Clone like “Between” which is an app for couples.
  • An all in one communications backbone for your entity with chat, groups, voice and video calling for ideal performance

Customized App Development

We also take up turn key custom made mobile app development assignments. If our ios and Android apps do tickle your head , do reach out to us for Customized Mobile App Development and we will build your concept in record time and together with each other , we will build the next troublesome plan!

Used technologies and server needed

Whatsapp Clone Script is created with the following latest technologies

  • php
    Core PHP
  • angular
    Angular JS
  • evernote
  • bootstrap
  • usedtech1
  • usedtech2
  • nginx