Upfront: 30% of
Dealt Amount


Upfront: 40% of
Dealt Amountd


Post Payment: 30% of
Dealt Amount



1 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted

1. Requirement gathering, analysis with Design confirmation & Implementation.

2 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted

2. Code implementation (Mid Level & Backend Implementation )

3 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted

3. Minor Changes & Setting, Training with Initial Testing and Deployment.


1 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
The Requirement Specification document which has been finalized during deal will be taken into consideration as per that wireframe for UI will be shown, customized and confirmed at this stage.
The confirmed design by the client will be implemented and bring into existence within framework.
2 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
After design, all the mid level coding and database design & implementation will be done at this stage. Any integration either external or internal will get done. Here the complete project assigned will get ready to deliver.
3 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
The completed project up-to level 3 will go through initial testing and any if setting or further any minor adjustment required will get done here. Training, if needed will be provided owner of the web or app Product. And after final satisfaction and confirmation of the client, project will be deployed. At this point, final payment will be asked to client for remittance.


For pricing and other knowledge, Please get in touch with our any concern person in sales department. Pricing only depends upon what you seeking exactly and how and when you want your required project should be delivered to you.