Uber Ola Clone


Key Benefits of Uber Ola Clone

The solution is segregated into 2 mobile apps , 1 for the passenger and 1 for the driver





Passengers can sign up straight from the mobile application

Monitor Drivers

After signing in you can track available drivers live on the mobile app and can arranged the pickup spot.

Pick-up Area

Pick-up location can be established on the map or by using Google Places.

Choose Cab Type

Passenger can choose the cab type and also see information such as minimum fare , fare per mile and fare per minute for each and every type.

Sign up Card

Passengers can sign-up their cards directly from the app for the auto payment function. We are using Stripe – Braintree for payment taking and we have made certain that the mobile app is PCI compliant so none of the card details is stored on the app server and is entirely managed by the payment gateway.

Fare Calculator

The estimated fare in between the pickup and desired destination point is calculated using google API’s for calculating the distance.

Live Monitoring

Once a taxi is reserved the passenger can monitor the cab live on the app and is updated on the various booking levels such as Driver on the way, Driver has arrived, Journey has moving and Journey is complete.

Automatic Payment

Once the trip is complete, the payment is taken automatically using Stripe API’s and the invoice is sent to the passenger’s cell phone and also to the passenger’s authorized email id.

Overview and Rating

The passenger can rate the driver on 5 stars and also write a text review for the driver when the journey is complete.

Add payment

The passenger can add many cards for making payments.

Booking History

The passenger can monitor their booking record on the app.





Drivers can enroll directly from the mobile planapp but are authorized and live only after the admin approves of their user profile.


Driver gets 15 seconds to approve or disapprove any new booking requests and is shown the PICKUP point with distance from current location and also the travel distance in between pickup and drop.


Driver can up-date the passenger when the driver has

  • Agreed on or Declined the booking
  • Arrived at the pick-up point
  • Dropped Passenger

Booking Record

The driver can monitor the booking history and track the status of each, which includes cancelled bookings

Google Navigation

Release the navigation app inside the app to have voice driven guidelines to the pickup and desired destination location.





We help 2 login’s at the moment , 1 for drivers and 1 for the super admin. The assistance for taxi company and passenger sign in will be included in the next edition.

Statistics or Records

Provide information on the reviews , reviews for drivers , number of booking each day , week , month , year etc , booking level , history of cancelled bookings.


The invoice can be created or acquired from here. Invoice is delivered to both taxi driver and passenger by e-mail at the end of the trip.

Adaptable Payment Method

This is in built on the app so the earnings share is maintained automatically. We are presently using stripe.com as a payment gateway.


Nootime incorporated for real time monitoring.


Handle driver information with proper certificates, etc.



GoRoad! , our Uber clone Script for iOS and Android is one of the most technologically enhanced Taxi Booking App out there. The On Demand Services Software Uses state of the art technological innovation like internet sockets from Pubnub , Stripe for Mobile Payments. The app is totally real time and has Mobile Payments built-in which assures that the payment to your authorized drivers is taken proper care of automatically. The cab booking app is entirely PCI Compliant so you are ensured of no legal issues with respect to Mobile Payment processing. The Cab Booking app is available with 2 Mobile Apps , one is the Uber Clone Passenger App to monitor and book cabs and a Uber Ola Clone Driver App for the drivers to take Mobile Booking requests. The Uber Cab Booking App uses a crossbreed database of MySQL and MonogDB on the server backend , and hence the Uber Clone App ensures web range in case your application goes viral. MongoDB ( NoSQL ) make sure that the app can manage large amounts of data which is usually associated with real time software. The Uber clone or the Mytaxi Clone comes with a PHP-MySQL-MongoDB based web server backend which we can set up on premise on your hosted LAMP server. We have applied the latest REST based web services for all data connection on the app which ensures app flexibility so your Uber Clone or Mytaxi Clone will deliver an outstanding user experience to your clients. We have carried out quite a few customizations of the Uber Clone source code and are right here to assist you build the second big Uber On Demand Service App in the mobile world. So if you wish to start your own taxi business or if you currently have a fleet of taxis that you want to get on an app our Uber Ola Clone solution is just the thing for you ! Buy our Uber Clone App to commence your own cab business like Didi Kuaidi , Ola , Taxi Magic, Taxi For Sure, Side Car , Flywheel , Uber and like more

Let’s Think new Innovation With Uber Ola Clone Script

  • An Uber Clone for reserving any real time job or service.
  • A Real Time App for reserving medical professionals.
  • An Uber like app for creating out a buddy locator app like Tennis Buddy.
  • An Uber Clone for monitoring buses or any public transport, view schedules and aboard the correct one.
  • A Mytaxi Clone for locating different business’s and view services and book meetings.
  • If you wish to start your own cab business or if you currently have a fleet of taxis that you want to get on an app, our Uber Clone alternative is just the item for you. Buy our Uber Clone App to commence your own taxi cab business like Didi Kuaidi, Ola, Taxi For Sure, Taxi Magic, Side Car, Flywheel, Uber and much more.

We advise you to think out of the box and make the next big real time mobile chat app and we at Kartcastle will make it possible for you to our kick ass technological innovation experience!

It includes

  • PSD data for the user interface aspects features used in the Uber Ola Clone script together with splash.
  • App set up the document with screencasts.
  • PHP based admin to handle users.
  • Single app license of the Uber Ola Clone source code with COMPLETE access to the source code so you own all the legal rights to it once purchased.
  • Free updates for the bugs inside the feature list provided for 1-month post delivery of the clone script.

Used technologies and server needed

Uber Ola Clone Script is created with the following latest technologies

  • php
    Core PHP
  • angular
    Angular JS
  • evernote
  • bootstrap
  • usedtech1
  • usedtech2
  • nginx