Tech Savvy Tinder Clone Software

Make your vibrant dating iPhone app with a rich set of features designed in our Dating app – Tinder clone script

App settings

As an app owner, you can also modify your dating application as per to your needs and requirements efficiently.


For any clarification or issue reporting or giving any recommendation, your app users can contact you at any time.

Find settings

Find the app users based on your custom-made data and segregate the expected users.

Edit profile option

Altering the user profile is applied when ever user desires to edit, view and up-date their profile.

Emoticons in chat

Moji kind of sharing while chatting assists users to very easily share feelings via exciting images.

Enable discovery

By Enabling breakthrough discovery settings, your user’s profile particulars is public to all. It assists to choose the ideal match easily.

Facebook login

This user friendly access technique significantly decreases the long process & amp; assists users to turn out to be app member.

Chat or Message facility

This dating app primary concept is to support users in finding their ideal match and get to know about each other through chat method.

Matched up user’s list

It shows list of profiles who are matched with other folks. It aids in growing the users’ friend circle speedily.

Match finder system algorithm

A defined step by step process is integrated into your dating app for taking care of match making process simple and successful.

Profile settings

An easy way to set up profile in your dating app with all necessary information.

Report a user

Anyone in your dating app can state a certain user as spam. By examining the same, you can take essential action right away.

Search toolbar

It find excellent match for the users in your dating app by using this incorporated search facility.

Send photos through chat

Once matching is done, the users can chat with each others, even share their pictures while chatting rapidly.

Send videos by way of chat

This app helps in sharing videos amongst matched users to share their feelings in more efficient manner.

Share specific location through chat

The coupled users of your app can even share their current location. At instances, the users can use Google maps to track the other’s location.

Share this app

Even users can share this exciting dating app with their friends via Facebook, mail, message & Twitter.

Share voice or audio chat

Sending a voice message or an audio clip to the ideal match while conversing aids in easy users chatting.

Limitless right swipe

There is no limitation on your dating app for the users to use right swipe for the interested profiles.

Unmatch feature

Disliking profile is also noticeable to the users in this dating app script. By left swiping, users can show their lack of interest.

User view page

Users can know the full details of other profiles and touch the heart button for the interested profile very easily.

Invite friends

Your dating app users have service to invite their friends to join the group by just browsing their names in the social networks.

Matched up page

When the app users like each other, a page shows mentioning that they like each other.

Used technologies and server needed

Tech Savvy Tinder clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx