What are the important factors to boost up sales in Online Business

What are the important factors to boost up sales in Online Business


What are the important factors to boost up sales in Online Business?

As we know this is the online world era. Everyone is engaged with online business directly. Customers prefer to buy products online and business owners prefer to sell their products online.
According to current survey, in upcoming year, the online product selling business will reach above $40Billions.

So, this is most common segment, where business owners, entrepreneurs as well as new business aspirants can earn huge money with very small effort.

Meanwhile one question arises in our mind: Why most of the new business owners are not getting enough conversation? Why people can easily move away from your ecommerce website within few second after visiting?

This kind of common question arises in everybody’s mind whether he/she is having online store or looking to start online business.

So, first we need to understand why these kinds of major issues are occurred and how we can overcome these issues?

Let me explain some major reason and their solution in detailed format.
According to current survey, the statistics shows that there are 38%-40% customers who buy products online, leave your online store due to unattractiveness and dullness of website design. They don’t feel freshness and user friendliness in your website. So, it is cleared that if your online store doesn’t provide a good attractive design with look and feel, then no one is interested to purchase products or services from your online store.

Now, let’s discuss about the solutions how we can overcome with designing issues and increase conversion ratio to boost up online business:
1. Design your online store in very Attractive Manner
Online shopping customers always and frequently visit those online store that have an eye catching look with best user friendly navigation features. They also consider those websites which is simple, fast website browsing and good accessibility.

Customer wants some things in priority basis:
1. Easy Navigation
2. Good Search Option product wise
3. Add to Cart option
4. Easy to use checkout functionality
While designing an online store, always keep a point in mind; please remove unnecessary or unwanted content from your home page or landing page of website. Also don’t stuff so much advertisement space or links that could frustrate to your real time customers and force them to leave your online store.

Apart from that, use scrolling functions and features like scrolling images, sidebars and appearance that attract your visitors and they can stay in your online store for long time.

2. Good Searching Product Functionality
A good, easy, simple and attractive search option is far better and increase potential client interest rather than complex searching functionality. As we know, every customer wants to search their favorite product to reduce their time and effort. But, if search bar is taking too much time to show customer’s product, then you can make sure, you are losing your customers.

So, it is important that, instead of designing a complex search bar, it is important to have a look on below given search box points:

1.Put your search bar at top of the website
2. Make it large for all kind of product inquires
3. Instant Result oriented output
4. Automatic searching features in search bar
5. In product page or category page, filter option will be there like Color, Size, Price, Brand and so on

3. Easy to checkout option
Customers want easy to perform simple and well explained checkout option. They lose their interest and leave your web store, if they find out the long, messy and complex checkout process. It means that, your website should have simple checkout option to perform the task that increases your web store conversion ratio. One page checkout is one of the best features that are appreciable by many online visitors.
In short, there are some points that will assist in the regards to checkout section:
1. Avoid all kind of unwanted and unnecessary points from checkout process
2. Use optional space for some steps like any add-on information you want, please mention it in optional basis
3. Design and develop simple checkout option layout
4. Alert notification for expected date of delivery of products
5. People can easily modify the product before transaction section

4. Attracting Confirmation Page
Once checkout process is done, you should use an attractive confirmation page that appreciate customer products interest and increase your website conversion ratio. By that page, you can understand traffic flow of those who have been purchased product from your online store. You can also use Google analytics to evaluate traffic.
By using website analytics, you can easily come to know about what most of the customers are opting to do in your website pages and what drawbacks you have that needs to be changed. Did they successfully make transaction or abandon the process in the mid stage? Accordingly you can increase the quality of page.

Here some points are important while designing exit page or confirmation page:
1. Good Attractive Piece of Content
2. Add links to your internal page or Blogs
3. No broken link
4. Internal page link in content
5. Good “Call to Action” Button

5. Add some useful Blogs, customer Experience and Videos
To attract more real time potential customers, it is important that, you should have a separate section in your website where you can share blogs about the products, user testimonial and their experiences as well as you can upload videos that define your working module and services. It would be also good, if you have a short story about your business and you can show out your specialty why you are different from other in video format.

This is not only increase your user interface, but also assists you attract more potential customers and they can buy their favorite products from your online store. But while creating video, please make sure that your videos should be support your products and your business.
Final wordings:
These are the best five points that every business owner, entrepreneur as well as new business aspirant should think before hiring a good ecommerce solution provider company. The business owners who are already an ecommerce website, they should also check their website and update or redesign your website accordingly. These five strategies will surely boost up your business sales exponentially and increase your conversion ratio.

So, don’t think much. Utilize the current time and start your online business now with Kartcastle and enjoy your business with earning huge money accordingly.

Build an Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp

App like WhatsApp
WhatsApp is the most desired after messaging application that has changed dramatically the messaging app market and has influenced a number of clones and challenges as well. On the flipside, several among those cloning tries are not able to match the criteria of  App like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp clones which assure to have equivalent features as that of the industry experts are either use email messaging systems or doesn’t utilize even half of the technical features of WhatsApp.

In order to develop an App like WhatsApp, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of its operating process and technicalities.

How is App like WhatsApp Functioning Technically?

WhatsApp is a fast and user-friendly messaging app, which is used by Ejabberd (XMPP) server. This server sustains instant message send between two or numerous users at every given second.

ERLANG is the computer programming language implemented by WhatsApp. Ejabberd is an open source Jabber server mentioned in Erlang language. It was favored by the techies of WhatsApp as it was ideal for helpful huge communication method with high durability.

However, while developing an App like WhatsApp, a lot more attempts were put in like improvements in Ejabberd, choosing for an in-house protocol from XMPP, code rearrangement and incorporating crucial changes in Erlang. These tweaks added towards accomplishing optimal server efficiency.

Erlang also helps by quickly creating to quick updates and hot fixes. Anything regarding coding improvements, Erlang assists in rapidly pushing the modifications to live execution without needing a reboot. Hence any changes can be presented in quick time and succession.

1. Remarks on data transfer in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is able to manage more than 50 billion message exchanges a day. Thus how can these unstoppable queues of messages are highly processed without obstacle? The key element to the simple data transferring is situated with the message line and length. The length of the message of all the functions linked with a node is examined.

In the case of MMS messages, details (audio, videos, or picture) are loaded into an HTTP server and are connected with the content and then delivered to the receiving point i.e. receiver in thumbnail format. Based on the user’s choice the content can either be seen or extracted.

2. Method applied by WhatsApp

XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is being used by WhatsApp. To make sure network protection, DSL is currently being used. This assures private data exchange.

And when the message is sent, it is queued on the web server. The message delays in the queue until the receiver reconnects to get the message and whenever a message is sent the sender receives alerted by a double check tag near the message. After the delivery, the messages are immediately deleted from the host storage.

3. Enrollment method of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Sign up Process is used the normal practice of creating a user name and password, which usually we do during signing up for an e-mailing process, based upon the smart phone’s IMEI number.

Currently, the process has been modified. Instead of being primarily based on the IMEI number, WhatsApp now requests for the app to deliver a 5 digit PIN. A message will then be delivered to that particular phone number from WhatsApp. The application on the mobile system asks for a unique key from WhatsApp. This ditches out the reliance of WhatsApp getting used on the device.

4. Manage Database

For managing database, Mnesia DB plays a crucial role. Mnesia is a multiuser allocated DBMS which takes place to be the standard DB of ERLANG. Thus by working with Mnesia, the app is able to achieve faster request results, thereby enhancing the overall performance.

FreeBSD is the operating system on which WhatsApp is installed upon. Based on the ERLANG based software and enhancing FreeBSD, WhatsApp is capable of achieving better result oriented output. For keeping multimedia records, the application uses a special web server YAWS.

Create an App like WhatsApp Messaging Application with KartCastle

As we talked about the technical functionalities of WhatsApp, this is a moment to switch gears over considering all the possibilities of developing an App like WhatsApp. There are a lot of messaging apps in the current market that seem to be ideal WhatsApp clones. The fact is many of the efforts of building WhatsApp like apps are failed because they do not comply with the technical elements.

Well, if we consider such apps as an example, it may be pretty hard to realize as they are entirely built products. Rather an available solution that can assist in building a WhatsApp clone app would be a considerably better understanding material.

KartCastle is a platform that catalyzes the create of an instant messaging software. KartCastle can be used to build WhatsApp clone app for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems as it offers the SDK ready for all these commonly preferred mobile platforms. As native coding has been utilized by KartCastle to obtain better quickness, it can be useful in building a WhatsApp like native app.

How To Start Online Ecommerce Business in India

start ecommerce and online business

The Truth About How To Start Online Ecommerce Business in India

The continual growth of the internet has enabled trade opportunities to become more attainable for everyone. Most of the folks are now approaching for online business, The reason behind this, the online business can be started from any person. There is no limitation regarding the same. Now the first question arises in mind How To Start Online Ecommerce Business in India and legal formalities, then we are explaining everything that definitely assists you to start your online store.

Earlier, starting a new business seemed to be an extremely difficult task, especially as funds had to be sourced. Businessmen had to quit their present jobs and had to get a loan from a bank before they could start working on the business and earn any revenue from it. Nowadays, trade opportunities are easily available to anyone who is prepared to devote their time and learn all about e-commerce. These businesses can be started with minimal funds and almost no risks. An ecommerce website can be a great tool to assist your business in getting more exposure. Yet, you still do not have a website of your own because the idea of dabbling in Technology is quite challenging. But, on the other hand, creating a website can be a very simple task. If you want to build a website, what you require even more than the actual knowledge of web designing, is patience. As it can help you in learning techniques to develop your own website. If you are looking to become a successful online retailer by starting an ecommerce business, then, there many ecommerce platform in India that provides a complete ecommerce solution to their clients.
Following are some steps where we have clearly mentioned How To Start Online Ecommerce Business in India from scratch.

Figure out A Perfect Plan for Start Online Business

A well-planned blueprint will lead all the other decisions you make. Many businesses are not taking off just because they skimp on planning. Note down your ideas about presenting your online business to the world.This step involves making the best use of your imagination and creativity, as it helps you to brainstorm the best ways to design your website.

1. Figure out a Perfect Name for Your Business.

Once you have thought of some possible business projects, The first thing that needs to be done before anything else is to get a domain name that you will be giving your website. If you are planning to open an online business and sell products, you have to get a sense of the market situation and see how many of those products are already available in the market. It is like registering a business name in the world of brick-and-mortar.

2. Hire A Good Company who can Create Online Store

After choosing a good business name, you should hire a good ecommerce platform provider company, who can not only design and develop online store according to your requirements but also assist you to setup your online business. So, that you can start online business without any obstacles and earn huge money accordingly.

believes in providing you quality service according to your requirement and assisting you to set up your online business.

3. Choose A Payment Gateway for your e-Commerce Store

Starting an online business can feel quite different than opening a brick-and-mortar store. While the terminology may differ, the processes and systems needed to charge your customers at checkout are similar. A brick-and-mortar location uses a point of sale (POS) terminal to charge customers for their items, while an online store uses a payment gateway. Before choosing a payment gateway, make sure to have a good understanding of how a payment gateway works and what its purpose is. While choosing which gateway provider to go with, remember to always keep your audience, budget, security, and products in mind. KartCastle has a tie up with all the major payment gateway. Chances are you will be able to find the perfect how much is a love cartier bracelet
payment gateway that fits your business needs.

4. E-commerce logistics in India

Logistics service is one of the most challenging tasks in Ecommerce industry in India.Most large logistics firms like Blue Dart, Aramex etc have warmed up to e-commerce and are quite frequently used by e-commerce websites. As far as I am aware, Aramex, the Jordan-based logistics giant, even has a dedicated portal providing ecommerce solutions. If you want a very large pin code reach and cost doesn’t matter much you must go for Bluedart, Aramex, First Flight etc. End-mile Logistics for Ecommerce in India is an expensive and difficult problem.

5. How to market your e-commerce in India?

E-commerce has lately become a keenly watched sector in India, especially with a handful of homegrown successful ventures being valued at billions of dollars. The purpose for their prosperity is the absence of time that individuals in the present world have. The convenience of sitting at home and comparing prices, features, and products has brought new dynamics to the shopping experience.
Marketing your online store can be done either by paid marketing like Facebook Ads, Google display ads, and other web-based advertisements And for the long term, you can go KartCastle for (SEO) Social Media Marketing in India, this can also be outsourced to any professional company.

6.Why Do You Need Technical Support?

We all know what it’s like working with IT products, some days everything is fine and the next, something strange happens and you don’t even know what the problem is! There are many benefits to being a member and you’ll always have that piece of mind knowing that if there is a problem, no matter how big or small, our professional IT staff are only a quick phone call away. KartCastle staff will resolve any issues you have as fast as possible to let you get on with business.

Start your Online Ecommerce Business with KartCastle:

The whole article is based on How To Start Online Ecommerce Business in India. This way of starting your online business will benefit greatly and our product will be able to work better for you.

Now, if you set up your mind and looking for the ecommerce platform or solution provider company, then don’t need to worry. You came into right place. KartCastle will create or build your online store including all mentioned ecommerce solution according to your requirements till your satisfaction level.

So, don’t think much, if you are an enthusiast and serious person to fulfill your business dream, then, Just get back to us and start your online business and earn huge money and boost up your business like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay and other ecommerce companies.

Need of Responsive Website

responsive website design

What is Responsive Website: 

A responsive website is a website that can identify the user’s device and intelligence adapt to the device’s screen size. A responsive website can be accessed on a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, with the same functionality and features across devices.

What is Mobile App:

A mobile app is a dedicated program that can be downloaded on a mobile device. This program becomes the link between the user and the brand. Since the app resides in the user’s mobile device, it becomes easier for the brand to be in constant touch with the user.

Difference Between Responsive Website and Mobile App:

According to technologies difference, there how much is a love cartier bracelet
are two major differences between mobile apps and responsive website.

Out of two, one is a mobile app and another is the mobile web. The term includes internet because you can still see almost any website with a mobile device. Apps are not hosted on the server. Apps can be downloaded from play store then after installment, you can use it. It is the collection of programmable steps that run after the installation process. Apps are more reactive on response time. If you do build a game on of an app, it will be more responsive than a website.

Website cost is sometimes lower than apps, it leads advantage of designing website. Mobile sites are more likely to get used because an app is harder to find. Apps also have to be downloaded and installed.

A mobile website is accessible by everyone as long as the mobile device has a browser and an internet connection. A Mobile app is accessible by those who have downloaded it. Once downloaded, the mobile app can be accessed with an internet connection as well. Coming to data management limitations for managing data apps so typically connect to database whereas mobile websites use simple solutions. Mobile app beats mobile sites in term of speed, data management, and advanced features. Most businessmen will do use mobile apps or websites whereas large companies look into developing an app.

What should we choose- Responsive website or Mobile App?

The answer of what to choose depends upon various factors they are as follows:-

  1. Brand awareness:-

This is the age of technology growth. What you will use for development it depends upon the use of interest. So many people are using mobile devices and number is growing exponentially, it’s just common sense to have a website that responds to the mobile device. Now whether it should be a responsive website or mobile App, this call would need to be taken by individual businesses since it would largely depend on particular business requirements.

  1. Customer requirements:-

Yes, it is true that customer uses the website to check out information. It shows if requirements are basic and need for development, then leads to mobile device and apps.

  1. Value adds:-

if you need to develop an app, so first ask this question to yourself. Are requirements are fulfilled by designing app? then if app development get success designing it and requirements get fulfilled by it then you have to do app development.

Design your Website or Mobile App with KartCastle: 

As I have provided some detailed information about the Responsive website and Mobile App. Hopefully, you liked it. So, if you wanna design and develop a good responsive website or mobile App, then contact good website design and development company.

Start Online Business Whether Single Vendor or Multi Vendor?

Single Vendor or Multi Vendor


Success and happiness both are not the same things, similarly there are two different things are present in the regards to online business. There are proper steps for achieving goals similarly there are few important points to understand about any online business development they are as follows:-

You have to decide which business you want to start online whether it is Single Vendor or Multi Vendor?

Now question arise what is Single Vendor and what is Multi-Vendor business?

a.) Single – Vendor:-

In Single Vendor, You can sell your product only. You will not get space for giving any businessmen for developing their business under your shelter. If you are stockholder or wholesale provider, then it will build profit scale for you, otherwise, no profit scale can be built. If you have your own warehouse, then only you will get huge profit in your online business. Otherwise, will not able to get clear traffic on your website.

b.)Multi – Vendor:-

Multi-Vendor means multiple people can start their business under one platform.  But in multi vendor site, you can give e-space to multiple businessmen for developing their business under one roof. In multi-vendor, you need not have warehouse compulsory. If you did not get success in starting time of startup business you can manage your loss by getting a commission from other businessmen by giving space for developing online business under your online space. If you do multi-vendor business, so you can achieve traffic by providing multiple products from different ends.

Some Important Points while starting Single Vendor or Multi Vendor Ecommerce Business:

1. Shipping Facility:

You need to develop shipping facility for your clients for providing them products from your developed site. For providing shipping facility, you need to do a tie-up with shipping providers they take defined amount of money from every end who ever want to develop tie-up with shipping provider companies.

2. Payment Gateway Service:

You need to tie-up with payment gateway providers for getting payment from different bank t your specified bank. There are many users have a different bank account in the different bank and for getting through different account payment clients need a payment gateway. You have to do a tie-up with banks for providing you gateway facility.

3. Hire A Good Company according to your Requirement:

You have to maintenance and updating of your developed website Whether it is Single Vendor or Multi Vendor .

4. Online Marketing:

You need to do SEO (Search engine optimization) for making site famous in every domain. SEO help in getting your site famous and help in increasing ranking of a website. Increasing ranking of website help in getting into search engine database. If a user searches for the related keyword of your site and if your site will become famous and come at top of the search engine you will definitely get huge traffic.

5. Good Technical Support

You need to have technical support 24 x 7. If you want to develop online business definitely you want to make your site famous at least your state or country or other countries. If in case, your site will be worldwide, so you don’t know when and at which time you will get customer or user for your site. So, you need to have technical support at 24 x 7 if by mistake your site will crash or you will not able to entertain your customer at that particular time for that you need technical support.

Final Wordings:

It is not important that, Whether it is Single Vendor or Multi Vendor, you need to develop a website and follow important strategies at a perfect time.

These are few basic points to understand regarding How to start an online eCommerce business. If you are professional, then you can manage every and each basic step of development cycle but if you are not professional hand on technologies to better to search for eCommerce website development company for completion of every step as defined above.

Design and Create your Online store like Industry Buying

Design Website like Industry Buying

Design Website like Industry Buying

Industry buying is one of the machine tools or parts provider company. This company starts working from 2013, with an objective to inculcate and introduce the concept of industrial supply chains in India. As we all know we are surrounded by machines electronic items, and machinery etc.

As we know, We are in middle of different electromagnetic waves with various frequencies we use various machinery in or daily routine. You can start your online business based on tools and machine parts.


Categories that are Key part while Design Website like Industry Buying:

There is various type of categories on which you have to provide on your website.

Some categories are as follows:-

1.Safety .

2.IT and electronics.

3.electrical .

4.Power tools.

5.Office supplies.


7.Agriculture garden and landscaping.

8.Testing and measuring instruments.

9.Pneumatic .


11.Automotive maintenance and accessories.


13.Furniture and hospitality.

14.Clamping and positioning.

15.Industrial automation.

The list shows various categories provided by the website. Developing business based on tools and machine parts will develop very soon. You only need how much is a love cartier bracelet
to do web development and tie-up facilities.

Basic Fundamental to Design Website like Industry Buying:

1. For web  development, you need to develop one website which should follow some basic features they are as follows:-

  1. Good graphical user interface.
  2. The flexibility of elements.
  3. Tie-up facilities with shipping service provider companies.
  4. The tie-up with payment gateway service providers.
  5. less coding in the backend.

2. For developing tie-up facilities you have to do following things:-

  1. You have to do a tie-up with retailers of machine parts providers.
  2. You have to tie-up with factories which are developing machine parts of hospitality.

You can do a search for website development company for developing your site. The front -end of any website play an important role in developing users interest and help in attracting users. You have to pay more attention in developing front -end of the website as well as you have to pay more attention to the flexibility of elements offered by the website .

These two factors play an important role in developing a site. You can do a search for good ecommerce or website design and development company,  this kind of company will able to provide you developed website according to your need.

While selecting any company for the use you have to pay attention to following points:-

  1. Quality of Product
  2. Professional Hand
  3. Goal of Company

If any company pay attention to this three quality will able to give you developed the project in the required format.

Final Wordings:

Now -a -days online business start booming everywhere and for a businessmen point of view if you can provide what exactly market need then you will get a chance for getting success. You need to develop website for online business.

This is the time we can use this idea of business. But only you need to develop your own business strategy for the same Idea of business.You have to do research work for the already present competition present in the market and the strategy which they are following play an important role in their success.You can do a search for good Website Development Company.

Design A Website Like Big Basket

design website like Big Basket


Big basket is one of the good online food and grocery store . With over 14,000 products, they are used to sell from their site . This site provides wide range of options in every category help you find out the best quality available at the lowest price .

Why BigBasket Exists in Market: 

With increase of technology work of employees from different places also increases , people did not get time for shopping. They usually avoid to go for time consuming work . With increase in work pressure of completion also increases, they did not get time for spending in market waiting for long line.

This kind of busy schedule will make them tiered such that they don’t have time for waiting in a queue . Its better they search for automation of every work .These kind of sites work for busy schedule in metros that starts establishing their feet in market ground .

Who are Mostly used Bigbasket or website like Big Basket:

Office employees are most frequent users of these sites.
They do signup and get their needed things from these sites in nominal charges. These sites provide shipping facilities, payment gateway facility and with tax including in their products, but users feel comfortable with this much amount of money. These sites need one best GUI developed front end for getting user should attract.

Back end play an important role in letting their interest for long time . Flexibility of elements of website is most important for getting more users .

What are Important Points for Developing Online Grocery Store :-

There are few important points need to understand, they are as follows:-

1. Develop website like Big Basket with GUI (graphical user Interface) .
2. Sellers for developed website .
3. Retailers for selling more products and different variety of product in site .
4. Platform flexibility for developing interest of users by providing flexibility in developed site .
5. 24 x7 technical support because users can interest with website at any time .
6. You need to develop app for your site so that users can access from anywhere from mobile easily with less speed of internet.
7. You need to do marketing of your site letting it known to every one where you are really concentrate for developing your business.
8. You need to do SEO for your website.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a part of marketing. When user search for keyword related to website, it will show name of your website . But for coming in top of search engine database, you need to do white hat SEO for getting your website stick in particular place and no need to do black hat SEO it will definitely help you getting increase in ranking of your website, but it will result in soon blocking of site in search engine its best to go for white hat SEO .

As soon as SEO is done, it will show result by providing your site name at top of the search result . If your site name will come in search engine 1st page, you will definitely get large traffic in your site and it will help you to increase profit from your site. You can do search for website development companies for Design A Website Like Big Basket .

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Poster Movie Annabelle: Creation 2017

Annabelle: Creation (2017) HD

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Producer : Peter Safran, James Wan.
Release : August 9, 2017
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster.
Language : English.
Runtime : 94
Genre : Horror.

Movie ‘Annabelle: Creation’ was released in August 9, 2017 in genre Horror. David F. Sandberg was directed this movie and starring by Stephanie Sigman. This movie tell story about Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

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Savage Dog (2017) [Full Movie Free]

Poster Movie Savage Dog 2017

Savage Dog (2017) HD

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Language : English.
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Movie ‘Savage Dog’ was released in August 4, 2017 in genre Action. Jesse V. Johnson was directed this movie and starring by Scott Adkins. This movie tell story about A story set in Indochina in 1959, a lawless land controlled by the criminal class: Vietnamese warlords and European war-criminals. Den-Dhin-Chan Labor Camp is run by four such dangerous men. The worst prison in the land, it is here that an Irish, former-champion boxer Martin Tillman has made a name for himself fighting tournaments, on which wealthy criminals gamble in high stakes events. When Tillman is due for release, he just wants to return home, but the corrupt forces running the jail will do everything in their power to keep him locked down. When all that Tillman holds dear is taken away in a vicious act of violence, he is forced to confront the men responsible and take his revenge. The birth of a legend.

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