A standard Online Learning/Coaching design ready-made clone script

Key Benefits of Eventbrite Clone

Browse training course

Users can find out the tutorial they require by using the browse option.

Multi-foreign currency

It permits website admin to select any one kind of currency option when starting up his website.

Paid or cost-free modules

Clients can get a complete list of courses in this specific web space or room, which includes the paid as well as cost-free modules.

Validity period

Every single study course comprises of a exact Validity time, which both the trainers as well the end users will have to carry out.

Trainer dashboard

Each and Every single trainer gets a specific dashboard in that they can discover the number of trainees registered in the course and much more.

Educational level

Users can get registered to several levels of instructions such as starter, intermediate and professionals.


All of the training systems listed in the program offered with the multi-language alternative to reduce the learning efforts of end users.

Sorting techniques

End users can pick out the best training course with the enabled sorting techniques which includes popularity, reviews and charges.

Search method

It allows end users to search out resources they want by entering the document or video headings.

My training course

It lets end users recognize a good number of information such as programs that are in progress, finished, archived and not started.

Membership cost

End users can subscribe article series and video tutorials based on different pricing such as fundamental, medium and premium.

Master resources

Master resources are supreme control designed accessible for website owners.

It provides them choices to manage pages, email design templates and much more.

Social media sign-up and sign in

This function is allowed to make the sign-up procedure easy for the users along with the social media logins.

End user-dashboard

It is particularly developed for the function of end users. They can discover details related to the curriculums and much more.

Tutor dashboard

It delivers instructors information with regards to the number of learners enrolled and some other purposeful controls.

Training course booking

End users have to make assured that they are correctly enrolled in the chosen study course.


Feedback permits end users or customers to put their view on a program.

End user information

Web Site owners can simply get the details of users who, got enrolled in a course or who registers to it.


It provides discounts to the end users. Users can take advantage of coupon codes to minimize the price of article content and video courses.

Wish lists

It permits end users to list their preferred article series and videos for whenever they browse.

Payment alternatives

PayPal is enabled in the system for quick and powerful payment processing.

Website configuration settings

Website configuration settings empower the web masters to obtain the master control of the site.

Email format

Website owners do not have to write the e-mails again and again. Important email messages will be automated as email format.


Trainers can withdraw the specified amount of cash by applying withdrawals.


Every single article or video listed in the system has a rating function in which users can give their ratings.


Every singleend user can post their useful comments regarding article lessons and videos through using the comments function.


Once the end users finish a specific training course, it will be placed in the archive.


SEO functions enabled in the software help website owners to improve the rankings of the web site in search engines.

Risk zone

Trainers withdraw a training course and the registered users can access the information of that course, but new end users will not have the access.


The curriculum offers general information of a training course to end users. From it end users can figure out basic information about the course.

Course goals

Every training course comes with specific goals that end users will have to finish successfully.

Edit profile

It is enabled to assist end users as well as trainers to maintain their personal profiles up to date.

Profile settings

It allows end users and trainers to modify, change the security password and profile pictures.


It is a highly effective management that helps the website owner to absolutely control the entire website.

End user-dashboard

It is specifically created for the purpose of end users. They can discover information related to the courses and a lot more.

Use the separate and picked modules to take diverse advantages in your online training system.

Article courses

Explore a huge collection of article courses that are in depth under the proper titles.

Downloadable file series

Article series and videos represented in the system can be downloaded on individualized devices.

Video external embed courses

Every single video posted in this system is externally embedded therefore; end users can enjoy the videos posted on some other systems in the same space as well.

Report and review

Every end user gets a chance to rate and review the article series and videos represented in our web space.

Training course wish list

It is a best module which permits end users to include picked article series and videos to their own personal wish list.

MOOC affiliate

It allows website owners to include resources from several other famous web spaces to this system.


Website owners can simply determine the number of web site visits and some other important factors of this system through analytics.

Facebook app store

It allows you to build a Facebook store and easily attaches their official Facebook webpage.


The Payment module allows users to do the payments in a better and simpler way.

Payment and cart

Effortless payment steps and add to cart alternatives have been added to relieve the efforts of every end user


Various means of subscription models are enacted to support the needs of every end user.


The trainers who are logged in this system can withdraw the particular study course they have submitted.


Making transaction made so easy along with the integration of universal payment gateway known as PayPal.


Clients can pick up the tutorials for fewer costs by including relative coupon unique codes.


This is an outstanding module that permits different organizations to show their promo advertisements & grab money for listing every single ad.

Course Checkout

It is a best module which permits end users to buy picked article series and videos to their own personal cart.

How to generate revenue by using this product or service

Take benefits of earning opportunities built-in into this software:

Site commission

Website commission is the module which allows website owners to earn revenue from the connected instructors.


This is an outstanding module that permits different organizations to display their promo advertisements & grab money for listing every ad.

Subscription fee

Subscription fee module is completely designed to get money from end users when they subscribe article and video series.

Need of the online training program

The online training program provides learning in a very simple, beneficial and effective way. which also makes the favour of end users, instructors and business owners as well. The chances are usually open for almost everyone to get massive profit from it. So, the online training idea is quickly growing with massive demand and also widely having the interest of the rising entrepreneurs.

Achievement trends of online training programs

There are number of crucial aspects that figure out the success of online learning programs. It upholds a very simple procedure and innovative strategy to pick up the attention of end users, instructors and website owners. Hence, it is very clear that there is a great chance to develop and manage their own personal productive online training systems that can afford any type of resources.

Why we designed Online Learning/Coaching clone/replica?

Each and every day, thousand of enterprises are springing up in this competitive arena. The online training market place is one such enterprise model which puts on the focus of everyone. Taking a queue of worldwide well-known e-learning business models, Kartcastle developed a Online Learning/Coaching software to make an online training system for your needs.

Features over and above the originals

Almost everyone will visibly see through a number of unique attributes with our Online Learning/Coaching replicated. All facilities integrated in this software have its own advanced features and various – distinctiveness. It also allows in successfully operating online training program at a faster pace. It is guaranteed to be the best learning management application with heaps of valuable facilities in it.

Used technologies and server needed

A standard Online Learning/Coaching design clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx