Uber Ola Clone Replica

Observe the set of phenomenal features entitle in this Snapchat Clone script


Photo capture

Snatch images using the custom camera screen on the snapchat identical copy.

Video catch

Capture a 10 second video.

Image modifying

You can add text or color on images just simply like in snapchat.

Custom login

Login to explore your who in your phone contacts is now on the app.

Add and request

Add and invite friends from your contact list.

Block users

Lookup for app users

Send photos independently to selected friends


Set timer to create the photo disappear from the recipient’s app after a preset time inline with the dying image concept of snapchat.

Know when a screenshot was ingested of the image shared

Push notification empowered so be informed at any time when a new message is received or when a new contact has incorporated you

My action

Keep a monitor of all the messages you have shared and all those which you have received.

Admin panel

To handle users.

Facebook offered $3 billion for Snapchat and you can have your own edition for lesser than $ 2000 and who knows turn out to be a millionaire in the next few months The snapchat clone comes with a NodeJS+MongoDB based server backend which usually we can deploy on premise on your hosted LAMP web server. We have applied the latest REST based web services for all data communication on the app which ensures app flexibility so your snapchat clone software will give an excellent user experience to your clients. We have carried out quite a few customizations of the Snapchat duplicate source code and are right here to assist you build the next big THING in the mobile world.


We at Kartcastle think that a number of innovations are feasible with this clone script and we have the abilities in-house to conjure all of them for you.

Think about:

    1) A snapchat clone for sharing images in the community with geo tags.

    2) A snapchat clone software for photo based mobile business so you can sell photos to friends if they like the brief look they will got.

    3) A snapchat like app for partners only offered as SAAS so the app can be used by a couple to share personal photos and messages only in between them.

We wish you to think out of the box and develop the next big real time mobile chat app and we at Kartcastle will allow you with our kick ass technology skills.

Customized App Development:

We also take up turn key custom made app development assignments. If our clone products incorporate your idea partially , reach out to us for customized app development and we will build up your idea in record period and together build the next troublesome mobile app business enterprise.

Used technologies and server needed

Snapchat Clone or Clipchat Clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx