Photo Editing Software Program Prisma or Pixlr

Salient attributes of Prisma Clone Software

Users can upload pictures and select a range of filters to enhance the picture into an artistic benefit.[15] At launch, the app offers twenty different filters, while extra filters are added on a daily basis. Moiseenkov stated that the app will offer forty filters by the ending of July.[12]

The image rendering takes place in Prisma labs’s servers and it uses a neural network and artificial intelligence to add the creative effect. The result is delivered back to the user’s phone.[16] Unlike other photo editing apps, Prisma leaves the image by going through different layers and recreating the image rather than placing a layer over the image.

Photo editing software program

Prisma is the new camera app that turns your photos into artworks, almost. The app uses a blend of neural networks and artificial intelligence to provide your photos almost nothing less than Picasso’s brush strokes and Van Gogh’s creativeness.

Compared to other popular photo apps, Prisma goes beyond primary filters and contribution to explore different levels of the image and recreate it from scratch. The result is a astonishingly realistic digital painting.

With a minimal user interface, Prisma is exceptionally easy to use. Just like Instagram, you can either take photos through the app or select one from your high-end camera roll. When you crop the photo as per the app’s specifications, you can choose one of the 32 filters based on popular art designs. The options range from effect to gothic to filters modelled on famous paintings such as The Scream. The app developers are expected to launch more filters in the coming weeks. After the app provides the filter, you can modify the strength of the look before saving the image or publishing it on Instagram and Facebook.

Prisma was first launched in June, but turned out to be highly popular over the last week just after it took social media by storm. Let us have a quick look at the app that is transforming our social media walls and timelines into a digital art gallery.

Used technologies and server needed

Prisma or pixlr clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx