Uber Ola Clone Replica

Enable your appointment booking software program with a vibrant set of vital services

Contact details

It finally stores all your web site user’s entire contact details for future use.


Handle all appointment relevant actions like pending appointment, approved appointment, scheduled appointment date, name, & service type.

Booking module

It helps users with an appointment reservation form that is to be filled to get the advisor. They can pay in both offline & online.

Search option

Search physicians based on service type, city, country, & timing. It helps users to attain their destined specialist easily.

Calendar settings

Get an unique calendar option that helps the users to book their doctor scheduled appointment for particular date.

Photo gallery

Exhibiting photos of anything precise to the diseases, remedies, recommendation and solution.


Get complete details about the signed up user’s education qualification of every service type base.

Medical Team

Users are also permitted to join this web site in terms of a medical group with all required doctors, professional and co-workers.


Admin can very easily check for plans listed in your scheduled appointment booking web site and take essential activities to your desire.


Check for professional doctors of all distinctive health problems easily. This leads you to a particular doctor of your need in minutes.

Specialty Disease

Make sure to search by any doctor’s scheduled appointment of particular diseases with this helpful feature.

Insurance company

Get information of the insurance company from where users have got their own health and fitness insurance coverage policy.


Examine all your registered users that whether or not they have any insurance policy associated to health. If so, collect those information for future use.

Review Module

Give right to the users in furnishing fair viewpoint about the service professionals and their services completely.

Rating Module

Users are permitted to rate the service availed to them, their timing perception and any other based on their tendency.

Language settings

Acquire the language ease of mobility to your online appointment booking website. This script combines multi language support.

Q & A

The powerful Q & A module aids to maintain a series of queries and its specific answers for making clear the users’ doubts.

Social Networks

Users uncover your appointment booking system for doctors by easily obtainable social media networks.

Website Settings

Allow you with a user friendly admin user interface that help you to sustain, handle and deal completely with the website actions.

Static Page view

Make extensive static web pages to your online doctor scheduled appointment booking website.

Voting system

You make an outstanding voting system to your web site that enables users to give their honest feedback in terms of voting.

Payment Mode

Paypal is integrated in your web site that assist in the users and doctors to make their payment on the preferred gateways.

Email Templates

Use easily available mail template option to deliver regular and specific mail to a user or group of users immediately.


Even though users book a doctor’s scheduled appointment online, they can also lastly get SMS on their mobile for confirmation.

Reason to Visit type

It’s an option that assists the users to reason out their visiting purpose to the doctor clearly and easily.


A crystal clear process is applied in this script that help the bookers and the doctors in online booking system.


This utterly display your complete online appointment website on any convenient devices with excellent image resolution.

Used technologies and server needed

A outstanding ZocDoc clone script is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx