The Orchestral Audio Streaming ready made Clone Script

Significant Features of Soundify


Appealing Admin Dashboard

Soundify presents feature rich Admin Dashboard, for easy supervision of modules such as music tracks and category administration, user, comments, supervision and CMS Management

Vibrant User Dashboard

A user on Soundify is offered with a very beautiful dashboard to find out unlimited music tracks, manage profile, set playlist, maintain group, publish tracks and much more.

Explore Music

Music fans can find out diverse music tracks of massive range of artists and trending categories throughout the platform which are published by the users on Soundify or by the admin.

Trending Categories

Soundify lets the admin handle all the trending categories which would be noticeable over the platform.

Music Supply

Music Supply shows user’s Preferred Tracks and the all the shared music tracks by user on their feed.

Perform Tracks

Soundify provides users live audio buffering of music tracks by sound manager audio player

Like/Comment/Share Tracks

Soundify users can execute various actions over tracks. They can like, comment and even share the music tracks on their feeds.

Generate Playlist

User can generate his/her own customised playlist on Soundify that contains their favourite track, that are easily attainable for consistent listening.

Post Tracks

details like Track Title, Brief description, category, etc. Additionally, user needs to complete the license details for scheduling all the authoritative rights.


Soundify users can follow other users which are of like-minded. They can also check out their fans ratio too.

Social Media Connection

Users can connect their social media profiles throughout the web with their Soundify account and share all their actions across the social platforms.

Create or Join Group

Users on Soundify can generate their own personalised group or online community and can even join other groups that allows them stay linked with other music lovers.

Soundify is a incorporated audio streaming, uploading and sharing software that allows you to get initiated with your own online audio playing, uploading and submission website. The script can simply be used for other business verticals such as music buffering, online music website etc. You can contact us for customized development queries.

Soundify – The orchestral Audio Streaming, Uploading and Sharing application

Stable Release

Soundify by Kartcastle is a virus free and completely tested Audio Streaming, Uploading and Sharing Software. You don’t need to be anxious about anything at all other than operating your own music collection website.

Standalone Softwareodel

Built in PHP 5 with our advanced NCT platform and holistic framework.

Free Six month Support

Enjoy our authentic online music portal with our ongoing maintenance support loyalty free for six months! Assistance can’t get any better!

Marketing & SEO

Soundify comes loaded with On Page SEO and marketing segments, saving your thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to invest with an SEO agency.

Global & User friendly

Soundify is a remarkably global, effective and user friendly audio sharing, streaming and distribution software.

Unique Music Community

Soundify is an unique music portal that helps you in building music community website for music enthusiasts.

Soundify is a new-fangled audio sharing, streaming and distribution application developed by Kartcastle with the existing trends of Music and Entertainment Business that helps you start your own convenient online music portal website similar to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Pandora, etc.

The music industry is noticing constant state of flux, no issue the ups downs that appear, it has always been changing with new technology and creations. Daily new artist and music artists are born to create a buzzing music, which eventually gives rise to the need of music serving programs.

Furthermore, with the rise in the usage of iPods and smartphones, the younger generation today need quickly accessible music they can listen to any time and from anyplace while on the go. Considering all these growing demands, Kartcastle has built an impressive readymade music website software – Soundify.

What is the Income Model of Soundify?

Soundify uses the commission dependent revenue model in with the Enterprise Edition. Each time the user would like to download a certain music track, the uploader who has published that music track shall receive the money for the number of times it has been down loaded by users. This amount gets distributed by the platform to the user and to the admin as per the pre described commission.

Not like other third party script vendors, we offer personalization facility for all our products, scripts and apps. Be it a custom made responsive design or a mobile friendly website for your online music portal new venture, modification of a current feature or add-on of a completely new module – we will pay attention to your demands and provide related recommendations and solutions.

Part of the beauty of this audio listening, uploading and sharing Script by Kartcastle Web sites is that it is easy to customize.

Used technologies and server needed

Audio Streaming clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx