Uber Ola Clone Replica

Features entitle in this Matrimony clone script


Distinctive features

  • Social Book-marking
  • Able to update New stickers
  • Exclusive Design
  • SEO friendly URL for every Profile
  • Place Featured members
  • SMS Notification view features

Visitor user

  • Fast Registration
  • Member Registration – paid or either free
  • Search categories that are categorized by region, community, faith Basic search on homepage
  • Enhanced search with extra parameters
  • Non members can view results of listings but with restricted info. Members have indefinite access to the complete profile
  • Static information webpages
  • Current Profiles Module on Home page
  • Browse Engine Friendly URLs
  • SMS Alerts on enrollment, express interest, activation

Authorized member

  • Membership Details
  • Handle membership profile info
  • Purchase details
  • Modify partner profile
  • Modify own profile
  • Update Profile
  • Add Photos
  • Secure Photo
  • Crucial Horoscope Data view features
  • Post Horoscope – scanned photo
  • Family members Info – Father name, Mother name, status, etc.
  • Partner Preference
  • Contact Profiles
  • Hobbies and interests
  • See Details of Members
  • My Matches


  • Fast or Smart Search
  • Enhanced Search
  • Search by Profile IDENTITY
  • Search by City or State


  • Display or Share Interest
  • List of recently visited members
  • List of members to whom I have contacted
  • Listing of all inbound messages
  • Listing of all sent messages
  • Forward the user profile to a friend
  • Send Customized Messages
  • Print out Profile


  • Completely Customized and Safeguarded Admin’s area
  • Content Management System – CMS for Static Articles
  • Modify MEMBERSHIP Plans
  • CROP Pics before approval
  • Edit or Delete Member Profiles
  • Alter Admin Password
  • Member Conversion of Non-active to Free
  • Member Conversion Free to Paid
  • Membership Authorization
  • Automatic Emails will be sent to the User and ADMIN on each of the above process
  • Approve or Disapprove Photos Loaded
  • Approve or Disapprove Horoscopes Loaded
  • Approve or Disapprove posted Success Stories
  • Decline Membership
  • Add PREPAID Packages for Looking at contacts


  • Deal with PAYMENT Options
  • Revenue Invoices
  • Sales Bills
  • Combined Accounts Summary
  • Renewal for Paid Members
  • PayPal Payment Gateway Incorporation


  • Non-active Members Report
  • Free or Active Members Statement
  • Paid Members Statement
  • Members Report by Research
  • Personalized Export to Excel File format
  • View Reports of users by City or Gender or Country
  • See Profiles by Religion
  • Edit Member Details
  • ADMIN Easy Search profiles
  • Graphical Chart View
  • In depth Statistics


  • Newsletter with Publisher
  • Membership Expiration Reminder Notices
  • Photo alerts

This is a pretty powerful online matrimony management system that we have designed specifically and with user friendly functions. User will be able to search, up-date, add or remove and modify their profiles from database. In add-on, user can also add or delete or change information and add images or photos.

Used technologies and server needed

A outstanding ZocDoc clone script is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx