Innovative Contest Software

Key Benefits of Content Software

Added contest fee

Make use of private, blind, featured and highlighted contest, sweepstakes to earn supplemental profits.

Affiliate commission rate settings

Webmaster can alter affiliate marketer commission fee for any category end user. This unique function brings in steady income from all the affiliate marketing members.


Earn revenue by enabling users to come to be part of your contest web site by affiliate marketing.

Audio contest

Make an successful audio contest web site that allows the host and their members to run any audio contests.

Audio useful resource

All essential resources for hosting audio based contests using tracks, podcast, remixes, jingles, mimicry and song effects.

Submissions via SoundCloud

Suitably meets the needs of effectively uploading audio for the levels of competition with this user-friendly Soundcloud learning resource.

Blind contest

Any contest kinds can use this solution to forbid the participants from looking at other contest estimates. It generates excitement and attention.


We created this versatile contest software with the CakePHP framework to offers a standard online platform.

Contest Duration Fee

A contest owner has to pay the web site for grow or to decrease the contest duration.

Contest duration configurations

Contest owner can modify the timeframe of the contest , this also assists increase or decrease a contest duration.

Contest banner

It makes it possible for the users to flag unimportant or violent contests listed in your web site. You can take essential action towards the claimed contest.

Contest follow

Users can discover the most recent up-date regarding a contest or users by the contest follow option accessible in this contest application.

Contest owner administration

This option lets the contest owners handle their listed contests. They can carry out all wanted actions for the published contest.

Contest management

Webmaster can have full control over the posted contest. Add, view, postpone, accept or delete facilities can also be carried out.

Contest figures

It vivedly unveils the exact figures and values . It dispays prizes, revenues, entry fees and contest statistics.

Contest position

Handle the contest business efficiently by using our various levels of executions. They comprise opening, assessing, choosing winners, and rewarding.

Customized prizing deals

Your web site contest owners can set up their own prizing deals for all listed contests with ease.

Design contest

Operate an unlimited range of design application contests with nominal hard work. This releases a successful design contest web site.

Comprehensive contest page

The contest owner has to give in depth and clear details about the contest guidelines to participants.

Entry banner

This is identical to the contest flag but rather of a Contest Banner, it is intended for contest items.

Entry rankings

Enables the contest owner to overview entries and recognize a participant’s works. This assists to enhance job opportunity.

Highlighted contest

This assists the contest owner to show their published contest at the top of your contest web site.

Showcasing contest

Contest owners can boost their contests presence among the website users by featuring their posting with a distinctive color.

Image reference

This enables your website to effectively hold a range of image contests. You can very easily run a detailed design contest program.

Start modes

This allows for updating your target viewers about the release of your specifically developed contest web site.

Participant administration

Get command of participants present in your contest web site. You can carry out activities, like add, delete, flag, and postpone.

Non-public contest

If a contest owner states the contest to be private, then it would only be viewed by the signed up participants.

Prizing package deal

Place up an valuable prizing package for all listed contest winning members.

Text contest

Easily make your contest website to run competitive events with text relevant activities.

Text Sources

This resource assists the user operate and run a contest web site combining articles, slogan, news letter, blogpost, guest posts, press releases and more.

User flag

This software program assistsaids you in keeping a fit user community possibly on your own or with the support of the web site users.

Video contest

Within just a few days, perform your special online platform for hosting any kind of video contests.

Video useful resource

This can make your web site capable of effectively starting and hosting a flexible video contest.

Submissions via YouTube and Vimeo

To effortlessly post the videos of participants for the contest, we have integrated YouTube and Vimeo tools.


Obtain a responsive design framework for your contest powered web site on any convenient devices and experience excellent screen image resolution.

Membership fee

Once the enrollment form filled by both participants and contest holder, your site will get a membership fee.

Advertising campaign Captcha

Make use of effective anti-spam with outstanding revenue generating alternatives into your contest business.

Advertisement flag

Support third party businesses and users with host ads that function their products and expert services.

Web site commission

This essential source of income comes from members who win the prize amount from the hosted contest.

Powerful form builder

Assists you create unique forms from the numerous contests hosted in your contest driven business.


Earn earnings by enabling users to come to be part of your contest web site through affiliate marketing.


View all important information about your contest based web site such as user clicks, active or non-active contests, demographics, reviews, follows, & enrollment.

Incorporated Google Analytics

Be recognizable with all your contest website indexing and rankings with Google analytics.

Routine maintenance mode

Turn your website off when executing any improvement or development course of action, and also notify the website users regarding its existing status.

Private beta mode

Ask interested users to experience the website performance before a formal web site release.

Social marketing

Set up your web site distinctive image and space among the opponents with social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Bulk email solution

You can get in contact with individual users and team users by easily initiating email notifications.

Internal message panel

This assists in making efficient conversation between the website users. This internal mailing system is a powerful relationship builder.

Email notification alarm

Alert site users about website actions that take place in your contest powered web site.

Social media sharing

Users can market their contest by any of effective social media network such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ etc.

Social network Online connectivity

Users can create their own entry into your contest by any social media network. It assists maintain your useful users community.


Users will get to know familiar members the person who subscribes with your contest business gains a trusted feeling towards the web site and its user community.


Enables website users to set up and negotiate funds with ease.


This wallet alternative will help the website users to easily make their payment in a more secure and reliable way.


Enables exceptionally secured and speedy web site overall performance. This is executed with the unique content delivery network called CloudFlare.

Google Page Speed

Improve your freelance bidding web site overall performance with this alternative. It avails higher visitor involvement, retention & transformation.

Website details management

It offers the alternative to access and modify the website elements, like website name, slogan, and more.

Help support Apache & Nignx engines

Make your on-line reservation and rental program extremely compatible with any servers for immediately reacting to all user’s requests.

Protection question

Security based queries for determining user authentication are integrated to your website. It assures security steps for your web site.

Effective Ajax interface

Modify the web site content and enhance its overall performance in terms of faster loading speed.

CSV Export

Export all users and contest associated details to any file format with the help of CSV facility. Store the data in any format for upcoming use.

Plugin helpful

Improve your website uniformity with the plugin facility built-in in our contest script. Include needed modules to your web site.

Template administration

Deliver in a dynamic look and feel to your contest business with the support of the ready made template alternative that is built-in into our script.

Email templates

Use our ready made notification mail web templates, add required mail id’s and easily send it with a just click.

Shady word detector

This maintains your contest web site securely by eventually sustaining the website reliability with the shady word detector.

Static page supervision

Determine every static page from your contest web site with all essential content. As well successfully manage all footer pages.

Full page Caching

It loads web site webpages quickly and right away. It also loads the web page with all conveniences when it is needed.

User follow

This allows peer users to discover some other users profile. This very easily eliminates any stress and anxiety regarding contest up-dates.

Language translation

This software program has been created with the capability to change between different languages through Google or manually operated translation.

Support Mysql and Postresql

Get unique support for your web site databases connection, and quickly build your website database.

Contest conversation board

This Contest software comes packaged with these robust segments(paid software bundle)

Image Resources

Simply build resources for making a effective online design contest

Video Resources

This module is geared to operating a video contest web site; it consists of everthing you require to host a video contest.($150)


Keep track of and maintain the contest business and its actions such as user like clicks, contests, remarks, score, entries, etc.($150)

Integrated Google Analytics

Look at bounce rate, visits, and simply click rate information from your contest by applying this Google analytics module.($150)


Create revenue channels by affilities. Offer third party businesses an option to opt into your affiliate program.($150)

High Overall performance

Enhances the web site loading time compatibility and website online connectivity to get instant response to your contest business.($250)


Allows for hassle-free integration of any versatile payment gateway for your contest web site.

Audio Resources

Release an efficient audio contest web site and permit your users to easily host audio contests. You can get audio files for the contest only by allowing this module. ($150)

Text Resource

Operate an extensive contest web site based on text files effortlessly by initiating this excellent text resource module. ($150)

Launch Modes

Place your flexible contest business in various launch mode to intimate the web site users about the present status of the website. ($150)

Used technologies and server needed

contest software clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx