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Prominent features of IMDB Clone Script


  • Enables substantial search for TV shows, movies and celebrities based on titles, names, characters and keywords and phrases
  • Delivers in depth listing about movie categories like in cinemas now, top films, show times & entry seat tickets and trailers of the forthcoming movies
  • Offers complete listings for TV episodes and favorite TV series
  • Provides features for news on movies, TV shows and celebs
  • Provides feature to post and post video clips on movies and TV shows
  • Gives a user account for each fellow member and a user profile page with the listings of member’s chosen movies, ratings and reviews
  • Allows creating communities for users to share movies and program critiques
  • Enables submitting user based content for movie and TV programs information and reviews
  • Helps adding photos and posters of movies, TV shows and celebs in the photo section
  • Provides in detail user posted and modified reviews of movies, TV shows and celebrity life styles
  • SEO friendly
  • Customizable admin panel with user friendly CMS

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Readymade or Custom made

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Revenue Model System

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Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services

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IMDB Clone PHP – Open Source Things

What is IMDB Clone?

IMDB is the Internet Movie Database web site which offers details about movies, TV shows, actors, creation crew staff, video games and fantastic characters featured in visual entertainment media. The website catalogues every essential detail about a movie, from who was in it to who produced it, to filming sites and also where one can get reviews and fan websites on the internet. It is one of the most popular online movie databases with listings of movies and TV shows from various countries all over the world.

IMDB clone which usually is a movie database website clone is designed to build similar movie and TV shows information website which will deliver in depth information about different movies and TV shows throughout different countries. The website will collect details from its users and contributors who will contribute data based on real time information and facts. The website will make revenue from commercials by the sponsors.

Used technologies and server needed

IMDB Clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx