Uber Ola Clone Replica

Features of FLIPA clone script

Auction Module

In public auction module it enables buying and selling of web sites and domains by providing them up to bid for the projects and then selling the web site to the most appropriate bidder.

Web site Verification Process

To battle against the fake sellers by putting the web sites one page in the root directly of the admin’s server. So the on sale web site can be tested as trusted.

Automated thumbnail snap on web site listing

When ever you post a picture of the web site, it will directly crop the image and create a thumbnail from the listing, it minimizes the users job of generating thumbnail.

Make an offer

When ever a user don’t want to take part in bidding procedure and wait for the various other users, he can directly make an offer. If the cost of the offer is ideal to owner, product or service is sold to them.

Alexa and Google Web page Rank

It enables users to get brief regarding the web site being kept on sale and on other hand, can be applied for the analysis purpose to get concept about the rank on google and alexa.

Stats on product sales and bidding

User can get all the data being accessible at one place to evaluate all bidden projects, placed projects and offers that customers have made.

Multi Foreign currency

The best feature is we have more than one currency choice to deal with the prices of the tasks that are been posted, to avoid constant calculation for the users when needed.


Buy Sell Website is an revolutionary selling and buying market place web site platform made by Kartcastle. Flipa is a marketplace where sellers and buyers speak to sell and buy web sites, where admin acts as an escrow to assure safe buy and sell practice.

Flipa associates SEO friendly webpages and urls which aid admin from promoting point of view to market product, at the price tag of Flipa product solely. Flipa give with a facility of auctions and their operations directly from the admin panel. Flipa is feature rich product and can be effortlessly customized in accordance to admin’s requirement.

Flipa can be implemented as any of the following marketplace

  • Buy & Sell Web site script
  • Auction Software
  • B2B Market place
  • Flippa Duplicate

Used technologies and server needed

FLIPA – Buy & Sell Website Marketplace clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx