An Exclusive eCommerce ready made Clone Script

Observe the set of phenomenal features entitle in this Ecommerce clone script

Easy, Editable Admin Panel

  • Secure Hosting
  • API Management
  • Effective Admin Panel
  • An Effective Model
  • Leading Technology
  • Powerful Solution
  • Variety And Richness


  • Valid email-id and password
  • JavaScript and Ajax validation
  • New user Registration
  • Log in using Face book and social network
  • A password to mail box automatically


  • Search and then list the product details
  • Searched by product details using date
  • List the all Products
  • View the particular product details
  • Cancel the product
  • Filtered by product details using no, date, from – city


  • details using from city, to city and date
  • List the details
  • Select the desired boarding point and then book
  • Searched by product details using from city, to city and date
  • List the product details
  • Select the desired product and available point and then book the product


  • Source available through online using auto complete
  • E commerce
  • source
  • boarding
  • destination
  • routes
  • user
  • Trade
  • On mouse over on products type
  • Easy To Use
  • SEO
  • Friendly urls
  • Visually Appealing Interface
  • Share Buttons
  • Show Products On Human Models
  • Quick Launch


  • Process of sign in
  • Login
  • View
  • Products
  • Type
  • List
  • Image
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Features
  • Pricelist
  • Review
  • Online store
  • Cart
  • Demo
  • Live chat


  • Admin Profile
  • Security
  • Safe
  • Language
  • Professionalization
  • Network
  • General
  • Edit , view , manage settings
  • Ease of access
  • Region ,clock
  • User account
  • Program
  • Appearance
  • systems
  • Deposit
  • Target and Incentives


  • Add the management details
  • Searched by management details
  • List the management details using on load Ajax functions
  • Manage the details (Edit, delete, block and unblock, pagination)
  • Dispute management system/module
  • Multi-language Translate
  • Buyer/Seller meeting board
  • Built-in Theme
  • Powerful email management
  • Sponsored advertisement by sellers on product search
  • Multi-level affiliate system
  • PayPal adaptive payments


  • Cash adding options
  • Amount
  • Generate
  • Direct
  • product ordered


  • products
  • User
  • details
  • terms
  • options
  • amount


  • Product
  • Number
  • Entry
  • View amount
  • Refund check
  • Review status.


  • Link
  • Create site
  • Sign up
  • Details
  • Email notification


  • Dedicate – servers
  • Highly – convenience
  • Customer Care Team
  • Fully trained dedicate/Shared basis support (As per agreement policy).


  • View the number of products sold (day/month/year)
  • View the individual service provider sold product count
  • Bar graph based on product sales and service provider
  • Product sale graph


  • List the booked buyers details
  • particular buyers details
  • products details
  • buyers details


  • Status
  • Refund
  • Details
  • Manage
  • Terms


  • Add the products images
  • Manage the products (edit, status, delete)
  • Upload the products


  • product
  • View the particular product details
  • Filtered by cancel date, travel dat


  • List the details
  • View the particular transaction details
  • Filtered by bus details using pay


  • List all the cities
  • Add Cities
  • Manage the city details (edit, status, delete, pagination)
  • Filtered the city using city name


  • SMS
  • List
  • Details
  • Message
  • View
  • Book
  • Order or delete


  • Log in
  • Sign
  • Details
  • Search
  • View
  • Book
  • Order or cancel
  • details by mail and products


  • Transaction reports
  • Products
  • Sold
  • Count
  • Customer
  • Buyer
  • Consumer
  • User
  • Amount


  • Product
  • Book
  • Invoice
  • Sms
  • Email
  • Order
  • Cancel


  • Book
  • Benefits
  • Advancement for users
  • Product and type


  • List
  • Add
  • View
  • Manage
  • Services


  • Wallet
  • Bank
  • Amount
  • Choice
  • Review


  • Search users
  • Filtering options
  • Multi select
  • Message


  • Product
  • Type
  • Number
  • Booked
  • Ordered
  • Bill number
  • Online
  • Sms


  • Type
  • Products
  • Usage
  • Registered
  • Viewers
  • Customers
  • Consumers
  • Details
  • Manage


  • Amount
  • Transact
  • Details
  • Calculate
  • View
  • Individual service provider
  • Pay pal


  • Ledger details
  • Chart or bar diagram
  • Month -year wise analysis


  • Inventory availability
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Real Time Booking and/or Reservation
  • Online Cancellation and/or Refund
  • Booking Modifications
  • Advisory – Services
  • Trade Management
  • Affiliate Model/Module
  • Multiple Payment Integration Options


  • Info
  • Profile details
  • Sign in
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Security
  • Protection
  • Secure admin panel
  • View the details
  • Edit the details, block and unblock the agent record
  • Change


  • List
  • Products
  • Type
  • User
  • Buyer
  • Usage
  • Customer
  • Consumer
  • Online
  • Order
  • Book or cancel
  • View
  • Cart
  • List of all the product types
  • Add the new product type
  • Edit, delete, activate and deactivate product type


  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Hassle free
  • Fast
  • Smart
  • Online
  • Professional
  • Multi platform
  • Multi vendor
  • Products
  • Daily deals
  • Stores
  • Sale
  • Software
  • Pay once
  • Access life time
  • 100 % support
  • Fees
  • Install
  • Monthly review

Steady Release

Ecommerce script comes bug free and fully examined before it is deployed on your server. So, you don’t have to worry about anything at all rather than operating your eCommerce web site business.

Multi Function

Fashion, vintage, crafts, handmade, auction and more! – ecommerce script can be applied for your specific niche e-commerce market section without having any major modification.

FREE 6 Month Support

Enjoy our authentic eCommerce Script with our on going maintenance support commitment FREE for six months, Support can’t get any far better!

FREE Set up

Our free of charge expert installation and deployment service assures you don’t have to deal with what you don’t quite like.

FREE Hosting

Enterprise Edition of ecommerce script comes with 1 year of free web hosting on our robust Linux servers with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

SEO Friendly Design

ecommerce script comes packed with On Page SEO and marketing and advertising modules, saving you countless numbers of dollars you would otherwise have to invest with other ready made cheap eCommerce store Scripts.

Modify it your way

This ecommerce script is 100% easy to customize. Contact us for your custom development prerequisite, be it an add-on of new features, new design UI or modification requirement, we will be happy to assist.

eCommerce Replicated Script

Online eCommerce web sites break down and eliminate the physical restrictions of traditional stores such as location, time, space, and small targeted audiences. However, it’s essential to recognize your niche first:

  • Single Store, Single Brand
  • Single Store, Multi Brand
  • Multi Store, Multi Brand

eCommerce Script by kartcastle delivers you an impressive eCommerce software program solutions which enables you to begin your online eCommerce web site. Our eCommerce Software enables people to buy & sell showcased product online. Products can be added to a virtual shopping cart and payments are made by our payment gateway component. With the elevated use of the internet globally, it will be essential for virtually every merchant, shopkeeper and store to go on-line. Early adopters will gain the most by commencing their own eCommerce Software or Shopping Clone Script web sites.

The increasing trend of eCommerce Marketplaces

73% percent of online users in 2013 made internet spending, 46 % of those made multiple shopping. The percent of retail product sales that were made online in 2013 was 7 %. These percentages are on the rise.

eCommerce Clone Script

We have created a flexible eCommerce Script which caters to all of the above marketplace niches. Whether you intend your own store to go on-line as a single store, single brand; or you are a reseller/retailer with a single store and numerous brands; or you prefer to begin your own Amazon Clone by venturing out into a full fledged multi store, multi brand eCommerce Clone of your own – we have got the answer.

Have a look at our readymade eCommerce Clone and Shopping Script operating systems and see if they fit with your requirements and necessities; we also personalize, please contact us so we can talk about your needs, and deliver additional features and functionality.

Ready made options for eCommerce Clone Software

Amazon Clone – It is an on-line eCommerce market place clone script strengthening business owners and start up companies with most revolutionary eCommerce options where user can buy and sell their product or service.

Shopping Clone – It is a product or service comparison web site platform which allows you to begin your own product comparison web site, You can upload products with your affiliate IDs from eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, CJ, or somewhere else. Not just that, our Shopping Clone program can be created in such a way that it gets automatic feeds through XML/RSS or API from pre-defined web sites, removing manual bulk product or service upload processing.

Taobao Replicated – It is an eCommerce shopping Clone Script web sites, related to eBay, Amazon and others. Taobao Clone Software gives all the important features that are required to make it accessible with expanded features.

Multiply Clone – Multiply Clone is a social purchasing website which is quicker and more handy for families and friends. Modification is one of the unique features that Multiply has, you can modify your shop for your brand and obtain the look and feel you desire. Multiply Clone Script has one to one functionality as well as improved features.

Etsy Clone – Etsy Clone Script is primarily targeted on selling and buying handmade and classic products online. Etsy Clone Script is a good choice for your own venture, and designing your web site will make it unique, lowering levels of competition.

Gilt Clone – Gilt Clone is a contemporary eCommerce on-line store specifically designed for women’s apparel and accessories, and it has extended into menswear, baby and children’s clothing and accessories. Gilt Clone Script is a fully well-designed and customizable, web site platform for growing your business on-line.

Poshmark Clone – Poshmark Clone Script is an on-line fashion market place with current social activities. Poshmark Clone Script events are themed, real-time shopping occasions where clients gather to e-shop, share, and sell their fashion products. Poshmark Clone can develop exciting communities by getting fashion lovers together to share personal styles, transforming every closet into a unique impressive shopping experience.

Advantages of Kartcastle eCommerce Software

eCommerce Software grows your market from local to global with minimal capital expense. Easily locate more consumers, the best suppliers and appropriate business companions all over the world

eCommerce Script assists businesses minimize the cost to create, process, distribute, and manage paper based details by digitizing product details

  • eCommerce Software enhances the brand image among the end-users
  • eCommerce Clone script can help businesses provide better customer support and shipping
  • Best eCommerce Script assists make simpler business procedures, making them quicker and more effective
  • Best eCommerce Clone decreases paper work to increase the profit margin with much less efforts
  • Complete management structure, customers send their requirements just where they are dealt with directly by the sellers
  • eCommerce Script works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generating profits 24-7

Customize eCommerce Script

Compared with other third party eCommerce Scripts, we give full customization facility for all our products, scripts and applications. Be it a custom made responsive design or a mobile friendly website for your eCommerce web site startup venture; modification of an active feature or addition of a entirely new module to your eCommerce website – we will listen to your needs and provide appropriate tips and solutions.

Beauty of this eCommerce Script is that – it is easy to customize and luanch

Used technologies and server needed

An Exclusive eCommerce clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx