Crowdfunding Clone Script

Features of Fundraiser – The Crowdfunding Software program

Great User friendly Admin dashboard

Crowdfunding software is built with Appealing and user friendly Admin Panel that allows the admin manage every module from here

Efficient fund raising

Allows project creators to raise fund from masses in unique and smart ways

Project Management

Admin can handle the different projects which are being published on the web site with their category

Post limitless projects

A project creator can post successive projects for raising funds from the crowd

Live funding success bar

Supports real time funding success bar that signifies the percentage of amount raised for specific project

Benefits for funding projects

The backer are made available with the facility to receive the benefits in addition to what they are putting down for a given project

Payment Gateway System

Crowdfunding is all about engaging with money, so PayPal Adaptable Payments method is used to ensure safe transactions

Commission Management System

Admin can manage the commission price range as to what proportion of amount is to be used

Private Messaging System

Secured Private Messaging System that allows backers link up privately through project creators

Social Media Integration

To assure the maximum amount is lifted for the project, the social media is built-in with our Crowdfunding Software to allow crowds recognize about the projects

Steady Release

CrowdFunding by kartcastle is a virus free and completely tested B2B trading software program. You don’t have to be concerned about anything at all other than operating your own Fundraising online business.

Versatile Funding Versions

fundraiser funding design can be set up as per your prerequisite. All or nothing – Kickstarter way or the invert approach -Indiegogo way – some thing rather than absolutely nothing.

SEO Friendly Design and style

fundraiser comes packed with On Page SEO and marketing and advertising modules, saving you many of dollars you would in any other case have to spend with some other ready made low-cost Rewards based crowdfunding Scripts.

Customize it your own way

This fundraiser is fully customizable. Get in touch with us for your tailor made development necessity, be it an addition of new functions, new design USER INTERFACE or modification requirement, we will be happy to assist.

Free Six Month Assistance

Enjoy our authentic Fundraising application with our on going maintenance support commitment free for Six Months!

Totally free Installation

Our free of charge professional installation and deployment support assures you don’t have to deal with exactly what you don’t like.

FREE Web Hosting!

Enterprise Edition of fundraiser comes with 1 year of free web hosting on our robust Linux servers with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Stand alone Application

Coded in PHP 5 with our superior NCT platform and modern framework.

Crowdfunding Clone Script

Crowdfunding is on the rise simply because there are much more funding needs and start ups than Venture Capitalists will be able to fund. Time and yet again crowdfunding has turned out to be a successful platform that could easily raise the tag for your business. Crowdfunding is one of the best alternatives for raising funds for your businesses actions and for undertaking projects. Crowdfunding actions include every thing legal, including shows, games, interviews, reaching people, events, magic shows, project development and other things to do for fundraising.

Kartcastle’s Crowdfunding Script is a Kick-starter Clone Script that allows you to build your own reward based crowdfunding web site, where fundraisers can generate an unlimited number of assignments and the backers who fund the projects are paid when projects are fully funded.

How to make money with Crowdfunding Clone web site?

Crowdfunding Clone website performs on the “Compensation dependent” profit model, the owner will get a pre decided percentage of each project that is effectively funded. for ex: If the funding goal is $500 and the owner commission is 10% and if the project is funded successfully, the owner would get $50 and the project originator would make $970 of the fund. With each project funded the proprietor and the creators can quickly grow.

Kartcastle’s Fundraiser is ready to launch so you can speedily start your own crowdfunding web site.

Pattern of Crowdfunding Web sites in today’s market

Crowdfunding web sites raised $10.2 billion for crowdfunding projects with in this 12 months, almost twice as much as in 2015. At least 55% of fund-raisers were business men attempting to get a business off the ground. More than one quarter of them were funded in a short time period. Crowdfunding web sites will become more social in time executing a wonderful job of finding funds even if project makers lack social visibility.

Kartcastle can personalize your Crowdfunding web site now with social marketing strategies features.

Looking back in 2015 541 crowdfunding platforms around the world raised $10.7 billion, an 81% increase over the amount raised in last some years, as per to the annual report, which is 69% of rising in the industry. Predicted growth in 2016 will be above $15.1 billion that is 89% increase in the crowdfunding industry. Thus, day by day the crowdfunding web sites are soaring up in the market.

Chance of Crowdfunding PHP Script

As new start-ups take the dive into the industry, the need for funding will go way up and many of these startups will prefer for crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has turned out to be the simplest and fastest way for many start ups to fund their business. Start ups will seek out for more beneficial crowdfunding platforms that can assist them raise funds. The scope for crowdfunding platforms is raising along with start-up businesses. To suit the increasing and growing needs for funding, Kartcastle has designed its Crowdfunding Software keeping every individual needs in mind, begin your own, easily customizable crowdfunding web site today.

Products driven by Crowdfunding Script:

Kickstarter Clone – Allows you to start with your own Crowdfunding program where persons can raise funds for innovative projects, as well as for makers of other projects. It is very advanced, scalable, powerful and user friendly platform, developed for big data businesses and its architectural mastery is designed with large visitors in mind.

Indiegogo Clone – With Indiegogo Crowdfunding Identical copy, the maker can get funded even though the project’s economic goal or target is not accomplished. There are no restrictions to promotions, your clients can commence a project for any cause that you wish to list on your web site. Admin, on the other hand, has to confirm each and every project.

GoFundMe Clone – It enables you get started with a crowdfunding platform that assists people in raising funds for their private projects like academic expenses, medical disasters, charities or any other non profit campaigns. This program lets efficient sharing of campaigns over social media with no deadlines or goal specifications.

SecondMarket Clone – It is created to be the best market segments for people to buy and sell liquid resources. Major contributors are financial institutions, equity funds, certified investors and many more who are working in secondary markets.

All of these web site clones are based on our crowdfunding clone software anyway and therefore share the same code and framework.

Several types of Crowdfunding business models

  • Equity based crowdfunding script
  • Donation based crowdfunding script
  • Benefits based crowdfunding script – it is the core one
  • Financing crowdfunding script

Web sites working in the default and most well-known rewards based crowdfunding section include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe and more. Popular web sites for equity based crowdfunding model are, Crowdcube, Crowdfunder, WeFunder, SecondMarket and more. GoFundMe also has donation based funding model. Other websites popular in the donation based crowdfunding class include Indiegogo, Crowdrise, GiveForward, YouCaring and more. LendingClub, Kiva, FundingCircle, etc. are popular especially in the lending based crowdfunding section.

Customize Crowdfunding Script

In contrast to other third party Crowdfunding Scripts, we give complete modification service for all of our products, scripts and applications. Be it a tailor-made responsive design or a mobile friendly website for your Fundraising startup venture; alteration of an existing feature or addition of a completely new module to your Crowdfunding site – we will pay attention to your specifications and deliver appropriate recommendations and solutions.

Part of the beauty of this Crowdfunding Software by Kartcastle is that it is simple to modify – now there are a number of factors why this product is effortlessly customizable.

Used technologies and server needed

Crowdfunding clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx