Club Planet/PartyPlanet/BookMyshow like Website Clone Script

Key Benefits of Eventbrite Clone

  • User can save occasion for future use
  • User can set up event with following features
  • Contact manager – to contact event owner
  • Connect Facebook to know who is coming for tweet or share
  • Add event to calendar
  • Map facility – to find the actual venue
  • Ticket creation – for distribution
  • Send invitations to all guests
  • Can set and display the event time
  • Promote – offers to all, offer to particular users, opening and ending dates of offers
  • Registration holding – for some minutes
  • User can advertise event and manage event
  • User dashboard and its handling
  • Advance payment gateway for booking
  • Tracking event enrollment page through Google analytics
  • Event statement – explain guests summary
  • Page views – total & daily page views
  • Waiting list – when tickets are about to be finished
  • Design as per our style – the tickets and events
  • Feedback system
  • Multiuser accessibility to the event
  • Venues and planners details display

PartyPlanet/BookMyshow is a replicated script created by Kartcastle. It is based upon on the ClubPlanet platform. It is a very excellent platform that helps to users “get into the be aware of,” About details on night clubs, lounges & restaurants. As towns and cities are nearly everyday a buzz with several events and functions, this script will certainly be extremely beneficial for party goers & diners. So, business people who desire for success in this market can easily introduction their platform applying ClubPlanet clone script. With a platform designed using this script, the venue owners can list all of their bookings, events and live shows.

We support deliver your event planning business concept to existence. Our flexible technology system allows you to get started with your own online ticketing products and services website or mobile apps identical to Eventbrite with custom made front end UI, superior admin dashboards, effective analytics panels etc.

Eventbrite is an online ticketing service which allow event planners to schedule, set up ticket showcase and sales events together with controlling the whole event and post them to social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, or any other straightaway from website using UI.

Eventbrite clone is a great platform wheresoever event planner can easily build event page by publishing event with all information like date, location, manager and tickets. He can advertise to encourage various guests to buy tickets from the event page being designed on eventbrite clone. User’s concerned can pay online as well as buy tickets on eventbrite clone. It has a back-link to user’s web page so that event planner can write-up any modifications in the event to the users account directly and they are not troubled to check every one and then.

Eventbrite Clone was created to make event management simple and geo friendly so guests don’t need to hurry all around the venue to obtain tickets. One additional advantage is any alterations in the event will be problem free as you can notify all guests from website directly.

How actually Eventbrite Clone advance payment module operate?

Ready made Eventbrite Clone Script or Custom made Development Option – Option is Yours

Ready made Eventbrite Clone Software: Our Eventbrite clone platform definitely has standard features created, that facilitates you to kick start your venture immediately with quality. The benefits of working with us is the basic fact that we’ve already gained the base ready for you! The site clone structures that we use in building cutting edge clone scripts identical to Eventbrite is exceptionally scalable, effective, user friendly and can easily be tailored as per your project necessities.

Used technologies and server needed

Club Planet/PartyPlanet/BookMyshow clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx