Let’s know something about Diwali Sale 2016 in Flipkart, Amazon

start ecommerce and online business like Flipkart and Amazon

As we know how much is a love cartier bracelet
Diwali in one of the top festivals in India and it is celebrated with Exaltation and lots of excitement. Like every year, Diwali 2016 is just on the way and will knock our door soon. So, to bring it up more excitement and enthusiasm, top and leading online shopping portals in India are offering us so many products at very marginal and heavy discounted rates.

These kind of offers and sales are available for this limited festive time period that has been started from October 25-28 in Flipkart that is known as ‘Big Diwali Sale’. In Amazon India, it is really amazing to know that this is a 3rd advertisement for discounted rate in this festive season that has been started in the name of ‘Great Indian Festival’, from October 25-28.

What are Major Attractive Offers provided from Flipkart Dilwali Sale and Amazon Diwali Sale:

1.Flipkart Dilwali Sale

Flipkart is offering very attractive and lucrative offers for everyone. One of the finest and best offers is 15% additional cash back on Citi credit card and debit card. You will also get surprised that you purchase the jewellery from Flipkart then you will get it with heavy discounted rate i.e. Minimum – 50% off on gold and diamond jewellery. If you are thinking about to buy electronic products then I will tell you, don’t be delay. Flipkart is offering up to 80% off on electronics.

This is not the least. Just visit the website of Flipkart and you can see many more discounted price in different categories of products. So, hurry on.

2. Amazon Diwali Sale

Amazon.in is also providing heavy discounts in different kind of products with Title of “Great Indian Festival sale ” which covers up to 45% off on electronic devices like T.V., Washing Machine and so on. It is also including 40% to 80% off on fashion clothes, formal clothes and casual clothes. You can also purchase toys, households and personal care
online from Amazon sale where it is giving you up to 60% discounts. Some more attractive offers and discounts available are on different products like Motorola products, up to 70% discounts on home decor and kitchen appliances, heavy discounts on books as well!

Some more relaxation is given by Amazon.in, if you make purchasing through State Bank Debit or Credit card.

For more attractive offers, please visit Amazon.in website.

Now we have to think about the different types of Clients Ad Agencies have to deal with every Diwali:

Among all of India’s festivals, Diwali is one of the best festival that brings some special effects in advertisers’ faces.

Here are some close surveys while celebrating the festival of light.

TYPE A: Let’s Do Something Big to This Diwali!

Normally, people do some fake promises to execute any work or responsibility. Sometimes they think “Bro!!! Let’s Do Something Big to This Diwali”. But at the end of time, they forget all the things and do as usual thing that is completely different from their main aim or promises.

TYPE B: Some Adventurous Work Need to do

There are some person, who want to do some Adventurous work like ride up a mountain etc. and hire for a good advertiser to advertise it. But, unfortunately, sometimes natural or personal issues fed up and thrash the all the concepts.

TYPE C: Let me Know when Dussehra Ends

Some of the clients are not so serious for such kind of festivals. Even I can bet you, if these festivals had not in weekly, then nobody would think about the festivals and all.

Now, One more interesting thing we should know, Why is Diwali 2016 being compared to the American Superbowl?

First we need to understand, what is Super Bowl?

In USA or Europe, The Christmas season and the Super Bowl are two some kinds of festive calendar events that plays a crucial role for reproduction of not only marketing advertisement but also some creative work. These two events are mostly mentioned in marketer’s calendar in advance basis. Some creative work that has been seen by Super Bowl for brands since last couple of years including Coke, Apple, Budweiser and some recent like Doritos and Audi. Do you still remember Oreo’s famous tweet in the Super Bowl 2013.

Diwali is Somewhere Compared to American Superbowl:

The festive season like Diwali gets prosperous and good sign from marketers. While good shoppers are treated as good ecommerce lovers, they are also keen to purchase products online from all the different other categories like auto, wear, durables, mobiles, home appliance, and many more, that are equally weightless. review So, Indians consider it Indian Super Bowl. In India, There are two seasons that is most demandable: IPL and Diwali. Every marketers wants to show out their ads in this festival time period. In the mean time, they do huge advertisements of their products with some pretty concept like the ‘happy family and a dog’.

Advertisement campaign plays different kind of creative concept to catch more clients and increase their sales report and leads and earn a good money in a limited time of period. So, these both of the things is done in Diwali‬ ‪Advertising‬ and ‪Super Bowl‬‬ Advertising.


As I tried to explain some points which is most happened in Diwali or Festive Season. I also explained how the online shopping portal assists a number of clients to purchase the products according to their needs in very reasonable charges.

But, one question is arised in mind, shall I also start an online business like Flipkart and can earn huge money like Flipkart or Amazon?

Answer is yes, you can also as you know online business in booming in India rapidly. You have a sufficient time to execute the plan and till Next Diwali you can also sale out a number of products like Flipkart and Amazon and you can challenge them accordingly.

But you should have to take first step right now and start working on different segments in step wise.

If you are thinking about the investment, then don’t worry. There are so many companies like assist you design and develop an online store like Flipkart or Amazaon in very reasonable charges.

So, don’t think more. Just take first step and contact , and setup a brand name in a limited period of time and sell your products like Flipkart across the India.

Why Kartcastle is flexible to Design and Develop any Kind of Website and Mobile App According to your Requirement?

design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App

Hello Friends, Did you pay an attention over the Headline? If yes, then, I suppose, you are having a lot of queries and doubts in your mind in the regards to Mobile App or web design services?

So, don’t bother. Let me clear all the doubts one by one.

1st question that can come in mind:

Why is Kartcastle Team so confident to design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App?

Answer is: Kartcastle believes to provide quality service till customer satisfaction level. Regarding that, we are having a number of expert software engineers and professional developers who are experts in their field and work towards the current edge cutting technology. We are working on this web design and Mobile App field since last 6 years and are having a number of satisfied customers that increase our confidence level towards our work success ratio.

So, if you are having any business concept and looking forward to executing your plan in online basis or want to convert your offline business to online way, then, feel free to contact Kartcastle. We believe on our team who can design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App according to your own way. 

The slogan of kartcastle is: “Idea is yours, Implementation is ours”

Now, 2nd question Arises in mind: OK, kartcastle will implement my Ideas in a practical way. So,

What would be the cost for design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App? Will they charge high amount?

Answer is: This is common question that simply arises in every person mind. So, Kartcastle understands such scenarios and provide quality service in very affordable and challenging budget.

Let me Explain:

1. If you are not a good listener, then you can’t provide accurate quality service. So, Kartcastle first listens to client’s requirements in very calm and in a concentrated manner and accordingly have a conversation with you including more explanation and queries and once, all the factors are understandable, then after entire department discussion goes on, Kartcastle gives very challenging and affordable budget. While giving the budget, Kartcastle always keeps a point in mind that, customer satisfaction must. So, a customer can only pay such amount that he/she can bear itself only without any obstacle.

2. If in any case, customers feel hesitate with the budget and can’t move forward with that budget, then Kartcastle also assist in that place as well. Kartcastle believes to provide quality service and customer satisfaction. So, in this case, Kartcastle consider customer’s requirement with their justified budget only.

It sounds good, right!!!!

3rd Question arises in mind,

What are the important factors that increase my confidence level to choose Kartcastle beyond other companies?

Or, How, Kartcastle is different from other companies?

Answer: This is the most famous question that people think before hiring a company. Let me explain with some points, how we are different from others.

1. Having a Separate Expert Team in All Niches or Domains: As we know that, every customer has their own concept, requirements and satisfaction point. Some client’s want eCommerce business for product sales, some want to sell their services online, some want good online business portal and much more. So, we can’t roll back for only single domain or niche and compromise with that. If Kartcastle claims to work with any kind of design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App, then, it is possible that, they have a very good background and a number of years experience with all kinds of online Web and Mobile App services.

2. Custom Solution: Time has passed when the customers are looking for only selected designs and choose their business corresponding. Nowadays, every business aspirant, as well as business owner, wants their style of website designing with their some attractive and innovative unique concept. That is the reason; they are more serious for website smoothness, look and feel and choose the customs service accordingly. Kartcastle believes to accept those challenges and design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App according to customer’s satisfaction level. In many cases, Kartcastle asks for reference website or Mobile App link which is more accurate according to their business prospects and design the website or App like the same reference website and after that, make the changes according to your taste and desire.

3. Clone Business Solution: As we know, currently, every online business is doing their business successfully and set up a bench mark for others. So, in this case, this is a common perception of every businessman to design and develop same clone (copy) of that desire online business and give the same touch in look and feel and earn huge money like reference website. So, Kartcastle agreed with such requirements and provide an exact same i.e. clone of the reference website.

4. Awesome Support: For good online business, support plays a crucial role. If you are not getting a good support, then you can’t run your business successfully. Because in today’s online business era website, Mobile Application designing and maintenance both work simultaneously. If you hire a company, who is developing your website or App only, but not providing support or providing very bad support, then you have wasted your amount. Because, as you know, you are running an online business, after development, if any error comes to your website or App, then, you won’t get traffic or visitor. So, in this case, you will bear heavy losses. This is not good for your business. To keep such point in mind, Kartcastle believes to provide almost 24*7 tech support, so that you can run your business successfully without any obstacle.

5. Ownership Facility: If you are running any online business, then, you will be definitely feeling that you can easily run your business like an owner. You should have all the information, data, credential, codes and all the properties of your online business. So, that, in nearby future, if you want to change design or development, then, you can do it without any obstacle. So, that is the reason, Kartcastle believes to give all the data and properties that is related to your online store to you. So that, according to latest technology, you can update yourself.

Kartcastle also schedules online training program, so that, after deploying the project, you can easily do modification and updating according to your willing.

6. Challenging Budget: Kartcastle understands the client’s all scenario and provide the quality service in very affordable budget till satisfaction level. That is the reason, if you read out our above query section, then you will easily find out that how flexible we are to design and develop any kind of website and Mobile App?

Final Wordings:

As we know, this is an era of ecommerce website and Mobile App. Everyone is looking forward to start their online business for increasing their revenue and enjoy their future till lifetime.

So, this is up to you, how you can implement your online business dream and fulfill accordingly. Time is precious and not wait for you. So, you have to mold up yourself according to time and get success in your business yourself.

So, without thinking more, just start your online business with Kartcastle and Earn huge money with proper planning and have fun.

How Logistics Services are Important for any Online Business?

Importance of Logistics Services
For any online product selling business, Logistics Services play a crucial role across the globe. Every customer wants their desired product in their preferred location such as home, office or anywhere else.
The time has passed when the customer stands in line or visit the shop and bring the products from that shop to home.

This is modern era and everything is surrounded nearby online trends. So, every buyer whether he wants tiny things or big things wants to see in his desired place only.
Regarding that, logistic service providers assist you in this segment along with all suitable manners so that you can find your things in your destination only.

The logistic company is having a team of experts who are having a good knowledge about the geographical location and can easily survive without any obstacle.

Every business owner as well as the new entrepreneur, who is starting their online business, wants this tremendous facility to provide quality service to their customers and win their trust accordingly.

So, that is the reason, the online business owners have tied up with such logistic companies and satisfy clients by sending SMS or Email notification along with delivery date and time.

Now let’s discuss, the Logistics company Responsibility:

A logistic firm or company offers all kind of mandatory supports by covering all the major points. The logistics companies one of the major responsibility is the safety of the product. For an example: Suppose you book a product from an online store and after filling all the information regarding your contact details along with destination address, then you can see the expected delivery date in your online store account.

Apart from that, these logistics companies also send email and SMS alert notification to their customer to aware about products along with tracking status.

The logistics company also provides multi point pick up a facility where they are abided by to pick the products from any location and deliver to customer’s destination point hassle free.

Nowadays, to win customer trust, most of the shipping or courier companies provide Cash on Delivery (COD) services where, they first deploy the product to respective customers and then, collect the money. So, the customer gets sure that the product is delivered in his hand successfully.
As an online business owner, What are the major benefits of Logistics Services for online product?

There are a number of benefits you can avail after approaching a logistics company:
1. Logistics firm keeps an eye in all of your delivery related issues, you don’t need to worry about your products.
2. Logistics company tries to deliver products on time to increase credit values.
3. You can rid of all kind of delivery problems and concentrate more on your core business.
4. Better Response will generate better output for your company.
5. The logistics services are automated process, so you don’t need to hire any other person to do manually.

Final wordings for Logistics Services :

As we discussed above the benefits of Logistics Company and came to the final point that, it is best for both parties i.e. business owners as well as Customers.
The logistics company is very important for any ecommerce business, without logistics, you can’t imagine a good online product selling business. It is the current demand of online business.
Logistics companies always prefer different mediums and the best route with low risk, so that, you can receive your desired products safe and without any single scratch or loss.

The exporting firm has to be careful while picking out the logistic firm, as by choosing the correct partner it would be relieving itself from the stress and burdens of shipping its goods. Logistic firms wholly take the responsibility of getting the goods shipped safely.
Now, if you are new business aspirant or business owner and looking to hire for Logistics Company for your business, it is really good. But, it would be best and wise decision to hire a good ecommerce solution provider company like Kartcastle, who can provide you complete ecommerce solution such as domain, hosting, create online store, payment gateways, logistics service assistance in a single package in very affordable cost.

So, don’t think much… Start your online business with Kartcastle and Earn Huge Money Instantly.

Are you Thinking About to Start Online Business According to your Way and Make Money Online?

Start online Business and Make money online
Looking at the current demand of online business, are you thinking about to start online business according to your way and earn huge money instantly? If yes, then why are you waiting for? As you know this is the era of online business. Every business whether it is small or big is replaced on online basis. There are a number of new business aspirants and entrepreneurs are looking forwards to start online business with the best ecommerce software. Online business is not only limited to sell products, you can also provide online services like online cab booking, online travel booking, online hotel booking and many other new concepts you can implement in your own way.

For an example, if you are looking for multi vendor script that is also known as online marketplace business, then it is also a very good idea. Many companies follow such strategies to sell products online and earning money on a commission basis. Some good examples are Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, ebay.in and so on.

So, now the question arises in mind, How to Start Online Business in India or Any other Country?

Answer very simple; there is many ecommerce service provider as well as website Design Company who can provide you good service according to your requirements till your satisfaction level. One of the best ecommerce web design services and Development Company named is Kartcastle that assists you to start online business and reach your targeted goals accordingly.

Now, let’s discuss the specialty of the best web designing company?

A good website designing and development company is having a team of expert web developers who are very passionate about their work and deploy the project according to client’s requirements till satisfaction level. They first listen to your requirements carefully and then analyze the all the points of your requirements, discuss with entire team and they provide you best website design services accordingly.
If I talk about online product selling business, then yes, ecommerce website development services are integrated with many other online automated services that assist business owners to sell product online.

Before moving further, do you ever heard about payment gateway companies and logistic services?

Do you have any idea about the payment gateway companies? What are the responsibilities of the payment gateway companies?
Let’s know something about payment gateway companies. Payment gateway companies are nothing, but these are the services that are very important to take online transaction through their customer. It plays a crucial role to make easy online transaction hassle free. There are many companies who provide online payment gateway services. Some of them are Payumoney, Instamojo, PayTm, Razorpay and PayPal as well (for foreign clients).

For more detail about payment gateway companies, please visit here: Payment Gateway

After covering payment gateway, let’s discuss Why Logistic solution is important for online business?

In this busy world era, everyone thinks that any company or service provider delivers his booked product at home. No one wants to waste their single second to go to the shop and purchase the products and brings it in his home. So, that is the reason, online business came into this existence and provided a facility to deliver products to customer desired location without any obstacle. That is really a great relaxing moment for all the customers who are very busy with their life as usual.

For more details about logistic or drop shipping services, please visit here: Logistic Services

It is important that if you want to start earning online, then you should create an online store with the best eCommerce platform provider company who provide you complete eCommerce solution like attractive eCommerce website, payment gateway services, logistic solutions and fabulous technical support.

If you are worried about the charges of ecommerce website Builder Company then, you can find different kind of price variation according to their facility. But, a good online store builder like Kartcastle provides complete ecommerce solution including payment gateways and logistic services according to your satisfaction level in very challenging and affordable budget only.
Now, in the whole blog, as we understood what are the important things to start online business are and how to hire a good company. Now, let’s understand the difference between web design companies and Ecommerce solutions provider companies?

The major difference between website design company and ecommerce service provider is, web Design Company only design and develop any kind of website according to customer requirements such as static website, dynamic website, custom website or any kind of website.

But in the case of ecommerce solution, the ecommerce solution provider company not only build online store but also provides all possible solutions to setup online store as mentioned above.

According to the current survey, a new thread came into the market that most of the new business aspirants and business owners want to follow the footprints of big market ventures. This kind of requirement is also known clone script. In this case, clients demand exactly same website design and features of giant companies and want to get success like them.

For more details about clone script software, visit here: Clone Script


As we discussed many points regarding online business as well as website design, now this is the time to move forward and fulfill your business dream according to your way. Online business, whether it is product basis or service basis, gives you an opportunity to make money online fast. Such kind of online business also starts as part time basis from your home as well and earns online extra money and secures your life style.

One point that is the first priority of every business is “Time”. A successful businessman becomes only succeed if he knows the value of time and starts his business ahead of time. So, that, he could earn huge money online and make extra income beyond the other person. So, if you are very serious for your business dream and want to make money online and enjoy your future, then without wasting time, you should move your first step up in the direction of your dream and don’t stop until you get succeed.
As you know, this is the just starting time of online and slightly all the world is moving towards internet market and gives you an opportunity to set your own goal and achieve success now.

Build an Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp

App like WhatsApp
WhatsApp is the most desired after messaging application that has changed dramatically the messaging app market and has influenced a number of clones and challenges as well. On the flipside, several among those cloning tries are not able to match the criteria of  App like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp clones which assure to have equivalent features as that of the industry experts are either use email messaging systems or doesn’t utilize even half of the technical features of WhatsApp.

In order to develop an App like WhatsApp, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of its operating process and technicalities.

How is App like WhatsApp Functioning Technically?

WhatsApp is a fast and user-friendly messaging app, which is used by Ejabberd (XMPP) server. This server sustains instant message send between two or numerous users at every given second.

ERLANG is the computer programming language implemented by WhatsApp. Ejabberd is an open source Jabber server mentioned in Erlang language. It was favored by the techies of WhatsApp as it was ideal for helpful huge communication method with high durability.

However, while developing an App like WhatsApp, a lot more attempts were put in like improvements in Ejabberd, choosing for an in-house protocol from XMPP, code rearrangement and incorporating crucial changes in Erlang. These tweaks added towards accomplishing optimal server efficiency.

Erlang also helps by quickly creating to quick updates and hot fixes. Anything regarding coding improvements, Erlang assists in rapidly pushing the modifications to live execution without needing a reboot. Hence any changes can be presented in quick time and succession.

1. Remarks on data transfer in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is able to manage more than 50 billion message exchanges a day. Thus how can these unstoppable queues of messages are highly processed without obstacle? The key element to the simple data transferring is situated with the message line and length. The length of the message of all the functions linked with a node is examined.

In the case of MMS messages, details (audio, videos, or picture) are loaded into an HTTP server and are connected with the content and then delivered to the receiving point i.e. receiver in thumbnail format. Based on the user’s choice the content can either be seen or extracted.

2. Method applied by WhatsApp

XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is being used by WhatsApp. To make sure network protection, DSL is currently being used. This assures private data exchange.

And when the message is sent, it is queued on the web server. The message delays in the queue until the receiver reconnects to get the message and whenever a message is sent the sender receives alerted by a double check tag near the message. After the delivery, the messages are immediately deleted from the host storage.

3. Enrollment method of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Sign up Process is used the normal practice of creating a user name and password, which usually we do during signing up for an e-mailing process, based upon the smart phone’s IMEI number.

Currently, the process has been modified. Instead of being primarily based on the IMEI number, WhatsApp now requests for the app to deliver a 5 digit PIN. A message will then be delivered to that particular phone number from WhatsApp. The application on the mobile system asks for a unique key from WhatsApp. This ditches out the reliance of WhatsApp getting used on the device.

4. Manage Database

For managing database, Mnesia DB plays a crucial role. Mnesia is a multiuser allocated DBMS which takes place to be the standard DB of ERLANG. Thus by working with Mnesia, the app is able to achieve faster request results, thereby enhancing the overall performance.

FreeBSD is the operating system on which WhatsApp is installed upon. Based on the ERLANG based software and enhancing FreeBSD, WhatsApp is capable of achieving better result oriented output. For keeping multimedia records, the application uses a special web server YAWS.

Create an App like WhatsApp Messaging Application with KartCastle

As we talked about the technical functionalities of WhatsApp, this is a moment to switch gears over considering all the possibilities of developing an App like WhatsApp. There are a lot of Instant Knockout messaging apps in the current market that seem to be ideal WhatsApp clones. The fact is many of the efforts of building WhatsApp like apps are failed because they do not comply with the technical elements.

Well, if we consider such apps as an example, it may be pretty hard to realize as they are entirely built products. Rather an available solution that can assist in would be a considerably better understanding material.

is a platform that catalyzes the create of an instant messaging software. KartCastle can be used to build WhatsApp clone app for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems as it offers the SDK ready for all these commonly preferred mobile platforms. As native coding has been utilized by KartCastle to obtain better quickness, it can be useful in building a WhatsApp like native app.


How To Start Online Ecommerce Business in India

Start online ecommerce business

The Truth About How To Start Online Ecommerce Business In India

The continual growth of the internet has enabled trade opportunities to become more attainable for everyone. Most of the folks are now approaching for online business, The reason behind this, the online business can be started from any person. There is no limitation regarding the same. Now the first question arises in mind How To Start online ecommerce business In India and legal formalities, then we are explaining everything that definitely assists you to start your online store.

Earlier, starting a new business seemed to be an extremely difficult task, especially as funds had to be sourced. Businessmen had to quit their present jobs and had to get a loan from a bank before they could start working on the business and earn any revenue from it.Nowadays, trade opportunities are easily available to anyone who is prepared to devote their time and learn all about e-commerce. These businesses can be started with minimal funds and almost no risks. An ecommerce website can be a great tool to assist your business in getting more exposure. Yet, you still do not have a website of your own because the idea of dabbling in Technology is quite challenging. But, on the other hand, creating a website can be a very simple task. If you want to build a website, what you require even more than the actual knowledge of web designing, is patience. As it can help you in learning techniques to develop your own website. If you are looking to become a successful online retailer by starting an ecommerce business, then, there many ecommerce platform in India that provide a complete ecommerce solution to their clients. Following are some steps where we have clearly mentioned how to start online ecommerce business in India from scratch.

Plan Everything: Figure out a perfect plan to Start Online eCommerce Business

A well-planned blueprint will lead all the other decisions you make. Many businesses are not taking off just because they skimp on planning. Note down your ideas about presenting your online business to the world.This step involves making best use of your imagination and creativity, as it helps you to brainstorm the best ways to design your website.

1. Figure out a perfect name for your business.

Once you have thought of some possible business projects, The first thing that needs to be done before anything else is to get a domain name that you will be giving your website. If you are planning to open a online business and sell products, you have to get a sense of the market situation and see how many of those products are already available in the market.It is like registering a business name in the world of brick-and-mortar.

2. Choose a payment gateway for your e-commerce store

Starting an online business can feel quite different than opening a brick-and-mortar store.While the terminology may differ, the processes and systems needed to charge your customers at checkout are similar. A brick-and-mortar location uses a point of sale (POS) terminal to charge customers for their items, while an online store uses a payment gateway.Before choosing a payment gateway, make sure to have a good understanding of how a payment gateway works and what its purpose is. While choosing which gateway provider to go with, remember to always keep your audience, budget, security, and products in mind. KartCastle has a tie up with all the major payment gateway.Chances are you will be able to find the perfect payment gateway that fits your business needs.

3.E-commerce logistics in India

Logistics service is one of the most challenging task in Ecommerce industry in India.Most large logistics firms like Blue Dart, Aramex etc have warmed up to e-commerce and are quite frequently used by e-commerce websites.As far as I am aware, Aramex, the Jordan-based logistics giant, even has a dedicated portal providing ecommerce solutions.If you want a very large pincode reach and cost doesn’t matter much you must go for Bluedart, Aramex, First Flight etc. End-mile Logistics for Ecommerce in India is an expensive and difficult problem.

4. How to market your e-commerce in India ?

E-commerce has lately become a keenly watched sector in India, especially with a handful of homegrown successful ventures being valued at billions of dollars.The purpose for their prosperity is the absence of time that individuals in the present world have.The convenience of sitting at home and comparing prices, features and products has brought new dynamics to the shopping experience.
Marketing your online store can be done either by paid marketing like Facebook Adds, Google display ads and other web based advertisements And for long term, you can go KartCastle for (SEO) Social Media Marketing in India, this can also be outsourced to any professional company.

5. Why Do You Need Technical Support?

We all know what it’s like working with IT products, some days everything is fine and the next, something strange happens and you don’t even know what the problem is! There are many benefits to being a member and you’ll always have that piece of mind knowing that if there is a problem, no matter how big or small, our professional IT staff are only a quick phone call away. KartCastle staff will resolve any issues you have as fast as possible to let you get on with business.The whole article is based on how to Start online ecommerce business in India.

This way your business will benefit greatly and our product will be able to work better for you.

Multi-Vendor And Single-Vendor

website design company


Success and happiness both are not the same thing, similarly there are two different things are present that is successful and unsuccessful business . See there are proper steps for achieving goals similarly there are few important points to understand about any online business development they are as follows:-

  1. You have to decide which business you want to start online whether it is single vendor or Multi-Vendor?

Now question arise what is single vendor and what is Multi-Vendor business ?

a.) Single – Vendor:-

You can sell your product only . You will not get space for giving any businessmen for developing their business under your shelter. If you are stock holder or whole sell provider then it will build profit scale for you otherwise no profit scale can be build. If you have your own warehouse then only you will get huge profit in your online business otherwise will not able to get clear traffic in your website. See single vendor always need famous business offline also because in online you have to face competition and you will be in loss better to be first become famous offline then only can handle starting losses in business .At Starting of a businessmen will not get  help and if a businessman will not have famous offline business .

b.)Multi – Vendor :-

multi-vendor means multiple people can start their business under one roof . Whether it is multi-vendor or it is single – vendor you need developed website . But in multi-vendor site you can give e-space to multiple businessmen for developing their business under one roof . In multi-vendor you need not to have warehouse compulsory. If you did not get success in starting time of startup business you can manage your loss by getting commission from other businessmen by giving space for developing online business under your online space . If you do multi-vendor business so you can achieve large traffic by providing multiple products from different ends .

  1. You need to develop shipping facility for your clients for providing them products from your developed site .For providing shipping facility you need to do tie-up with shipping providers they take defined amount of money from every end who ever want to develop tie-up with shipping provider companies .
  2. You need to tie-up with payment gateway providers for getting payment from different bank t your specified bank . There are many users have different bank account in different bank and for getting through different account payment clients need payment gateway . You have to do tie-up with banks for providing you gateway facility .
  3. You have to maintenance and updating of your developed website whether it is multi-vendor or single –vendor business .
  4. You need to do SEO (Search engine optimization) for making site famous in every domain .SEO help in getting your site famous and help in increasing ranking of website .Increasing ranking of website help in getting into search engine database . If user search for related keyword of your site and if your site will become famous and come at top of the search engine you will definitely get huge traffic .
  5. You need to have technical support 24 x 7 . If you want to develop online business definitely you want to make your site famous at least your state or country or other country if in case if your site will be worldwide so you don’t know when and at which time you will get customer or user for your site .So you need to have technical support at 24 x 7 if by mistake your site will crash or you will not able to entertain your customer at that particular time for that you need technical support .


These are few basic points to understand to develop any online business if you are professional then you can manage every and each basic step of development cycle but if you are not professional hand on technologies to better to search for ecommerce website development company  for completion of every step as defined above .

Website Development Company-Industry Buying

website development company


Industry buying is one of the machine tools or parts provider company . This company start working from 2013 , with an objective to inculcate and introduce the concept of industrial supply chains in India .As we all know we are surrounded by machines electronic items , and machinery  etc. We are in middle of different electromagnetic waves with various frequencies we use various machinery in or daily routine . You can start your online business based on tools and machine parts . There are various type of categories on which you have to provide in your website .Some categories are as follows:-

1.Safety .

2.IT and electronics.

3.electrical .

4.Power tools .

5.Office supplies .


7.Agriculture garden and landscaping .

8.Testing and measuring instruments.

9.Pneumatic .


11.Automotive maintenance and accessories .


13.Furniture and hospitality.

14.Clamping and positioning .

15.Industrial automation.

The list shows various categories provided by website . Developing business based on tools and machine parts will develop very soon . You only need to do web development and tie-up facilities . See for web  development you need to develop one website which should follow some basic features they are as follows:-

  1. Good graphical user interface .
  2. flexibility of elements .
  3. tie up facilities with shipping service provider companies .
  4. Tie-up with payment gateway service providers .
  5. less coding in back-end .

For developing tie-up facilities you have to do following things :-

  1. You have to do tie-up with retailers of machine parts providers .
  2. You have to tie-up with factories which are developing machine parts of hospitality .

The only need of Idea of product and area of interest play an important role in developing any business .

You can do search for website development company for developing your site . The front -end of any website play an important role in developing users interest and help in attracting users .You have to pay more attention in developing front -end of website as well as you have to pay more attention on flexibility of elements offered by website .

These two factors play an important role in developing site . See you can do search for startup companies these companies will able to provide you developed website according to your need .

while selecting any company for use you have to pay attention on following points :-

  1. Quality of product .
  2. Professional hand .
  3. Goal of company .

If any company pay attention on these three quality will able to give you developed project in required format .

Now -a -days online marketing start booming everywhere and for a businessmen point of view if you can provide what exactly market need then you will get chance for getting success . You need to develop website for online business .

This is the time we can use this idea of business .

But only you need to develop your own business strategy for same Idea of business .You have to do research work for the already present competition present in market and the strategy which they are following play an important role in their success .You can do search for  Website Development Company-Industry Buying .


How To Make Money Online

How to make money online 

How To Make Money Online


Yes, it is possible to make money online in a legal way without going outside of the home. The only problem is what is wrong and what is right. We don’t know about wrong, but let’s talk about right, It requires lots of work and dedication, but if you really want to make money online, then you can do it.  There are many options are available in today’s digital world which can implement in building new business.  There are so many jobs out there that require simple skills use of computers, knowledge of computer system little bit and need of internet connection from home to your own hour whilst developing valuable skills.

There are many website available in market which pay for various tasks such as testing blogging, tweet, photo upload, image making, cheap football jerseys China web 2.0, video creation etc. The new trend of business which include all these basis is ecommerce business.

If you are interested in writing and you have a good command over language, then, the world of blogging is the best option for you and if you share your blogs with Google wholesale jerseys plus, Facebook and Twitter, then it is the best way to get a lot more traffic in your website. A popular way to make money is to fill out online surveys in their extra time. Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products.

B2B or Affiliate marketing is another option to develop business. In Affiliate marketing you have to do promotion of other website services and product on the commission basis.

There is a range of affiliate network available in the digital market, which involves  PPC, SEO and other methods in order to promote other websites. Where as in B2B (business 2 business) system  a person has to develop his business through other business.  Ecommerce is the best example of B2B business. In this type of business, A business man used to develop their internet space and share their e space with other retailers. You can give this  e-space to these straggler businessmen for developing their business through this. You can also get some percentage of their profit. In this way, you will able cheap Luol Deng jersey to collect some defined amount of money from Tyler Bertuzzi jersey womens your business. For this you have to understand one more thing, whether you want to be a single –vendor or Multi-vendor.

Single vendors are those which are selling their products from their website and which have their own warehouse for storage. Multi-vendors are those which can allow other retailers for selling their product on their website. The online selling market has been on the rise. You buy products and ship them to ecommerce site for them to store. When your products sell they pack them up, ships them out and send you the money. If you want to start a business online you must have a PayPal account. It’s the standard in online business for receiving payment and paying others. You can make your online business or ecommerce as new business. You can do searches for the eCommerce website development company for St Louis Blues jersey mens developing a platform for upcoming business.

How To Develop Online Hotel/Room Booking System

Online Hotel/Room Booking System


If you are operate a hotel or rental homes then you will understand how important it is have a website similarly if you don’t have any then you can do start B2B (business 2 business) in this type of business you need to do tie up with hotel owners which provide room or rental home for reserve . A website for Online Hotel/Room Booking System not only to showcase your properties to potential renters , but also offer them an easy way to book reserve unit , and an easy way for you to collect payments.

To design an booking system for booking rental home or room :-

1.Initial requirements:-

Study of operational websites and personal experience of using such system there are following some initial requirements for the system .

The user should be able to

>Select rental home/ Hotel .

>Select Hotel.

>Select time duration .

>Select room and cost .

Additionally user should be able to select breakfast , lunch , dinner facilities , room delivery facility , duration of days , timing for enter and release of hotel .

2.Task Analysis:-

In task analysis the main task associated with the hotel booking system we have to study case analysis of system they are as follows:-

Case 1.Select hotel by clicking on available timing options , then system have to check whether room is available or not if room is not available then system have to show error message room is not available or else if room is available then you have to select type of room based on price by clicking on available price options.

Case 2. During selection there should be a menu come into existence which tells type of room facilities with prices after selection of room a user can able to select number of room in a system .

Case 3. After selection of number of rooms a system have to check availability of room whether it is available or not if room is not available then system will show error message that tells selected number of rooms are not available and redirect to select number of room or else if room is available then system have to show duration of stay popup then user can enter his details time and duration of day .

Case 4.Then system have to shoe wizard with click on proceed to payments . Then system have to show option like credit card and debit card option so that user can select given option and detail of payment with make payment and will get a room .


There are many different requirements can be told by expected by clients they are as follows:-

>List of hotels , in the city .

>Venues along with their area.

>Different timing of availability of hotel .

>Hotel reviews , rating and other facilities offered by hotel .

>Name of hotel , with timing , prices.

4.Conceptual models:-

In conceptual models we design what are our basic requirements and we implement them and prepare prototype of given requirements.

5.Feedback and system architecture :-

In this module we design feedback forum in this we will take this feedback as design result what user experienced with our site and what are extra updating we need to make in our site .

For developing website like potential renters you need to search for Best website development company which can provide you developed website with best GUI so that you can get more users .