Uber Ola Clone Replica

Observe the set of Features in this Booking & Rental Software clone script

Outstanding incorporation of features and services for the useful functioning of your booking and rental business


Further data from bookers

Host can improvise their listings by receiving more feedbacks and get it right into preferred listings for future users.

Bar code Controls

Simply transact the appropriate invoice paper with bar code option in between bookers and hosts.

Reserve a listing

Users can conveniently make their booking on the desired products listed on the web site.

Selections management

It efficiently delivers the host’s range of product into a single web webpage. This displays the product in an blend view.

In depth listing page

Find out the full information about the listed things on single web webpage. It gives the clear knowledge to the users.

Bigger image view alternative

Get an extensive picture about listings placed in your website. It immediately conveys minute facts about the listings.

Featured listing

Enrich the listed item’s visibility by indicating it in the ‘Featured Listing’ section. It helps to increase probability of renting things.

Feedbacks to bookers

The host can create a specific feedback about their expectations from bookers while renting listed things.

Feedbacks to host

Share reliable opinion of booker’s rented items can be carried out using this superb option.

Versatile ticket booking option

By using powerful ticket booking options, user can reserve tickets for activities either fixed dates with fixed price or adjustable dates with fixed price.

Listing acceptance settings

Have total control over your web site by authorizing every item been listed by the bookers.

Listing favorite Things

Users easily mark their own preferred listings into the favorite list. They can even use this list for upcoming use.

Listing banner categories

Based on the listing relevancy, listing content and user’s tendencies, create and classify the listing flag.

Listing banner

If a user see any spam listings in your web site, then they can report it to you and you can take appropriate action.

Listing page configurations

Configure listing page of your website and even have a character restriction in the listing settings.

Close by listing

Bookers can very easily know about accurate location of listed items. It aids them to pick items near their location easily.

Submit a request

It significantly helps the bookers to send a request for the preferred listings which they wish to book or rent.

Private listing apart from for friends

Make visible the listing to host’s buddies. It converts listing to private with ease.

Request favorites

Enable bookers to favorite any listed items and also assists their peer bookers to know about items earlier to its use.

Ask for your time

Users easily raise request to the listings. With this, host can deliver perfect service to the bookers.


Bookers include their experience about particular listing. It immediately facilitates the fellow bookers to know about listings.

Reviews for some other listings

Give views about different listings from the similar host and it helps host to get more traffic to their particular listings.

Single log-in for both user

Make use of single log-in option to login into your web site both as a host or a booker.

Swap listing view

Any web site users can effortlessly switch between the watching layout possibly in list or grid listed items.

Showing point for booking

Set a trigger to switch on an event or course for further bookings. It assists host to get an average number of bookers in it.

User suggestions

Any users can suggest listing in your web site which assists forthcoming users to use extremely recommend items for their use simply.


Promote the web site with the help of your users and it is also known as as an powerful website promotion technique.

Membership fee

It’s an earning option that flows in money to web site whenever a user registers to your booking and rental website.

Language Interpretation

This developed language setting helps your users to effortlessly modify the site content material to their own preferred language.

Full web page Caching

It loads website pages speedily and immediately. It also loads the web page with all features when it is needed.

Pre launch setting

Keeping your web site in pre release mode assists you not to miss all possible users when the website is about to release.

Google Page Speed

Optimize your profitable bidding website overall performance with this option. It avails higher visitor involvement, maintenance & conversion.

Pull CDN

Make sure speedy website content with definite URL method. Get a unique URL for each and every web webpage.

E-mail Delivery SMTP

Set up SMTP for managing emails. It allows easy creating and sending mail through the users own server.

Memory Cached

All internet site operation requests are saved and accessible to you as a back up whenever server resetting is required.

Google map incorporation

Get precise location of listed items in your booking and rental website with the support of Google map.

Inner message board

Bookers, as well as hosts can communicate their queries and thoughts to each other in house in your booking and rental software.

Email notification alert

Intimate the users with every alert mail concerning the new up-dates, notification and official mails.

Bulk email solution

Within just a few moments, effortlessly send required messages to chosen users by using this bulk mail option.

Friend’s request

The signed up users can easily request their buddies to take advantage of your booking and rental website via social networks.

Social network connection

Get linked to your booking and rental website through user friendly social networks.

CSV export

With easy clicks, maintain your website user’s complete data in any file format. It automatically export all information store it for upcoming use.


This assists users to obtain trust by listing their social media friends who are already utilizing your booking and rental site.


Classify website users based on all feasible categories with regard to the demographics.

Improved Admin dashboard

Handle all website actions and examine its performance in a elegant way.

User involvement

Efficiently monitor the user’s attachment to web site and know their overall performance in the website.

Advanced filtration options

More precisely it help users to get things. It increases your website performance.

Repairs and maintenance mode

This mode intimates users about maintaining process, while your web site is going through any kind of restoring activities.

Private beta mode

On executing pre launch operations, you can invite interested users to feel the site performance before its official release.

Withdraw fund request

Users can escalate a withdraw request to web site owner for easily withdraw their funds.

Security and safety Questions

Authenticate your website users by requesting security problem while getting into into your website.


It is the digital place where users can retain their money and effortlessly transfer money for their hired item.

Designs management

Switch between several themes and give a new view to your booking and rental web site.

Static page administration

Efficiently frame footer and static web page content of your booking and rental website.

Website information management

You can easily access all the website associated contents likes of website name, logo, slogan and email address.

Suspicious word detector

It keeps your web site with high quality content material. It removes not related terms from your website.

Email web templates

Use ready made email template file format for informing registered users about regular notification, up-dates or alert messages.

Vibrant form builder

This categorizes a unique form for variety of product verticals for the users to list their product.

Web site commission

On booking a particular product or thing from your web site, user has to pay a particular amount as a website commission.

More Additional Features:

  • Content listing fee
  • Advertising Captcha
  • Advertisements flag Information
  • Amazon S3
  • Social sharing
  • Social marketing and advertising
  • user interface implementation
  • Bootstrap
  • Featured Listing Fee
  • Multi currency service
  • Listings management
  • Effective calendar settings
  • Request flags
  • Supports Mysql and Postgresql
  • User management
  • Coupons management
  • Mobile friendly
  • Promotion code
  • Worthwhile add-on modules for enhancing your booking and rental platform
  • Website Insights
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Launch Modes
  • Collections
  • Coupons
  • Affiliates
  • High Performance
  • Listing Requests
  • Listing Request Favorites
  • Listing Request Flags
  • Zazpay Module
  • Language Translation

Requirements of booking and rental script

The sharing economy is growing in order to meet the shortage problem arising around the world. This trend elevates the sharing, saving and efficient use of sources. Instant reply to the current business pattern is the reason for setting up of booking and rental script.

Results of booking and rental trends

70% of people choose for sharing economy, 63% of people are availing products for rent. Around 70% of online users are seeking forward to borrow rarely used things through this online medium. These demands have created a business case and that leads entrepreneurs to start up their business enterprise with this principle. This assures the outstanding scope in getting results in this booking and rental market.

Why we created Book or Rental software?

As there is a demand for an immediate solution for meeting the ultimate goal of a sharing economy. Kartcastle took a strong step in creating a sensible & affordable solution, to help business men lay down an immediate online platform for any kinds of booking or rental purpose.

Functions over and above its original

The main value added item in our script is its business strategy. Our script includes both a booking and rental concept into a single software. The next useful factor is its features and services. Each and every feature designed in this script allows for the effective functionality of the booking and rental business. This is simply a program where you can find such a feature-feature rich booking and rental software program.

Used technologies and server needed

Booking & Rental Software clone is created with the following latest technologies

  • php

    Core PHP
  • angular

    Angular JS
  • evernote

  • bootstrap

  • usedtech1

  • usedtech2

  • nginx