How an Online Business Completely Changed A Frustrated Offline Businessman Life (Story Based on True Incident)

How an Online Business Completely Changed A Frustrated Offline Businessman Life (Story Based on True Incident)

As we know this is the perfect time to start a new business. It doesn’t matter how much you will earn at beginning of the stage or later on. All things depend upon the efforts and strategies whatever you are using to setup your business.

There are many of the businessmen, who are doing the business since last 1 Decade or over 1 Decade. But, are they still a success and bring up their business at peak point according to current market demands??

The answer is Big NO…

Then what is the reason behind this?? Why they are not getting exceeding sale from their Local Area or Across the country, world??

Now, the only reason came after doing a survey is, those businessmen didn’t upgrade their self according to the current market waves as well as tradition.

Now, Let’s Share with You A true Incident of A Businessman:

I have a group of 5 friends, Among of them, One is Doctor, 2nd  is Lawyer, 3rd is Consultant, 4th is Electronics Shopkeeper (Retail and Wholesale) and Last 5th one is Me.

All of us started work in our respective profession, and all are well settled, but among of us, my one of the best friends named as Satish who was a Shopkeeper doing a good business one Decade Ago is facing many problems to run their business successfully currently.

I often visited his house and really feeling bad by viewing his current position. He has borrowed loan for his son’s education and marriage of his daughter. Apart from that, he is also paying some amount in Home Loan. I asked myself how can I help my best friend, how he can rid off all the obstacles.

I heard many times about eCommerce business and during a depth research and Analysis, I found that, if My friend executes all the things in the very well planned way and establish a good business connection, then he can easily overcome all the problems and earn huge money and set up is brand value again.

Now, the 2nd question arisen is my mind, How to create an Online store and what would be the cost?
Is it expensive or affordable? Can he start it with the very small amount and expand in future once he gets profit?

Now, I again did a great research on Internet and did conversation with many of the companies who are providing such kind of services. During my evaluation and research, I found one company named KartCastle.

I asked my questions to KartCastle about their services, plans, working strategies and so on. I found that in every my question, I got satisfactory according to my level and I didn’t get delayed to finalize KartCastle as my online service provider company.

I suddenly reached to Satish shop and explained him all the things what I did for him so far and Believe me at that time I can’t express myself by seeing a blushing in his lips after A long time. I feel that he got somewhere relaxed. So, without any delay, we again visited KartCastle website and asked all the things in front of him and freeze the deal instantly.

KartCastle has taken Approx One and half month time and provided him A quality and best service according to his requirements till satisfaction level.

Now, by doing all the things in very well planned manner, he completed 2 loan amounts successfully i.e. Home Loan and Daughter’s Marriage Loan and living his life with very satisfaction and lavish way.

This is A truly inspired story for those who are doing physical (offline) business or willing to start an online business journey. So, after watching such impact of online business, I personally recommend you, don’t think much. Just give some wings to your dream, Earn huge Money and Rock the world.

Everything is Possible, as this true incident proved it. So, Don’t get delayed, Time will not wait for you. If you get delayed to take any decision, then you don’t know how many times you will bear losses and get regretted.

Thank you for such Cooperation

Hopefully, you learned something for this true Incident.

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