Need of Responsive Website

responsive website design

What is Responsive Website: 

Responsive website is website that can identify the user’s device and intelligence adapt to the device’s screen size. A responsive website can be accessed on a laptop, smart phone or a tablet, with the same functionality and features across devices.

What is Mobile App:

Mobile app is a dedicated program that can be downloaded on a mobile device. This program becomes the link between the user and the brand. Since the app resides in the user’s mobile device, it becomes easier for the brand to be in constant touch with the user.

Difference Between Responsive Website and Mobile App:

According to technologies difference, there are two major differences between mobile apps and responsive website .

Out of two, one is mobile app and another is mobile web. The term includes internet because you can still see almost any website with a mobile device. Apps are not hosted on server. Apps can be downloaded from play store then after installment you can use it . It is collection of programmable steps that run after installation process. Apps are more reactive on response time. If you do build game on of an app, it will be more responsive than website.

Website cost is sometimes lower than apps, it leads advantage of designing website. Mobile sites is more likely to get used because an app is harder to find . Apps also have to be downloaded and installed.

Mobile website is accessible by everyone as long as the mobile device has a browser and an internet connection. Mobile app is accessible by those who have downloaded it. Once downloaded, mobile app can be accessed with an internet connection as well .Coming to data management limitations for managing data apps so typically connect to database whereas mobile websites use simple solutions. Mobile app beats mobile sites in term of speed, data management and advanced features. Most businessmen will do use mobile apps or websites where as large companies look into developing an app .

What should we choose- Responsive website or Mobile App?

The answer of what to choose is depends upon various factors they are as follows:-

  1. Brand awareness:-

This is the age of technology growth. What you will use for development it depends upon use of interest. So many people are using mobile devices and number is growing exponentially, it’s just common sense to have a website that responds to mobile device. Now whether it should be responsive website or mobile web , this call would need to be taken by individual businesses since it would largely depend on particular business requirements .

  1. Customer requirements:-

Yes, it is true that customer use the website to check out information . It shows if requirements is basic and need for development, then leads to mobile device and apps.

  1. Value adds:-

if you need to develop  app so first ask this question to yourself .Is  requirements are fulfilled by designing app ? then if app development get success  designing it and requirements get fulfilled by it then you have to do app development .

As I have provided the some detailed information about Responsive website and Mobile App. Hopefully, you liked it. So, if you wanna design and develop a good responsive website or mobile App, then contact good website design and development company.