Start Online Business Whether Single Vendor or Multi Vendor?

Single Vendor or Multi Vendor


Success and happiness both are not the same thing, similarly there are two different things are present that is successful and unsuccessful business . There are proper steps for achieving goals similarly there are few important points to understand about any online business development they are as follows:-

  1. You have to decide which business you want to start online whether it is Single Vendor or Multi Vendor?

Now question arise what is Single Vendor and what is Multi Vendor business ?

a.) Single – Vendor:-

In single vendor, You can sell your product only. You will not get space for giving any businessmen for developing their business under your shelter. If you are stock holder or whole sale provider, then it will build profit scale for you otherwise no profit scale can be build. If you have your own warehouse, then only you will get huge profit in your online business. Otherwise will not able to get clear traffic in your website.

b.)Multi – Vendor :-

multi-vendor means multiple people can start their business under one platform .  But in multi-vendor site you can give e-space to multiple businessmen for developing their business under one roof . In multi-vendor you need not to have warehouse compulsory. If you did not get success in starting time of startup business you can manage your loss by getting commission from other businessmen by giving space for developing online business under your online space . If you do multi-vendor business, so you can achieve large traffic by providing multiple products from different ends .

  1. You need to develop shipping facility for your clients for providing them products from your developed site. For providing shipping facility, you need to do tie-up with shipping providers they take defined amount of money from every end who ever want to develop tie-up with shipping provider companies .
  2. You need to tie-up with payment gateway providers for getting payment from different bank t your specified bank . There are many users have different bank account in different bank and for getting through different account payment clients need payment gateway . You have to do tie-up with banks for providing you gateway facility .
  3. You have to maintenance and updating of your developed website Whether it is Single Vendor or Multi Vendor .
  4. You need to do SEO (Search engine optimization) for making site famous in every domain . SEO help in getting your site famous and help in increasing ranking of website .Increasing ranking of website help in getting into search engine database . If user search for related keyword of your site and if your site will become famous and come at top of the search engine you will definitely get huge traffic .
  5. You need to have technical support 24 x 7 . If you want to develop online business definitely you want to make your site famous at least your state or country or other country. If in case, your site will be worldwide, so you don’t know when and at which time you will get customer or user for your site. So, you need to have technical support at 24 x 7 if by mistake your site will crash or you will not able to entertain your customer at that particular time for that you need technical support .

It is not important that, Whether it is Single Vendor or Multi Vendor, you need to develop website and follow important strategies at perfect time.

These are few basic points to understand to develop any online business. If you are professional then you can manage every and each basic step of development cycle but if you are not professional hand on technologies to better to search for ecommerce website development company  for completion of every step as defined above .