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Diwali in one of the top festivals in India and it is celebrated with Exaltation and lots of excitement. Like every year, Diwali 2016 is just on the way and will knock our door soon. So, to bring it up more excitement and enthusiasm, top and leading online shopping portals in India are offering us so many products at very marginal and heavy discounted rates.

These kind of offers and sales are available for this limited festive time period that has been started from October 25-28 in Flipkart that is known as ‘Big Diwali Sale’. In Amazon India, it is really amazing to know that this is a 3rd advertisement for discounted rate in this festive season that has been started in the name of ‘Great Indian Festival’, from October 25-28.

What are Major Attractive Offers provided from Flipkart Dilwali Sale and Amazon Diwali Sale:

1.Flipkart Dilwali Sale

Flipkart is offering very attractive and lucrative offers for everyone. One of the finest and best offers is 15% additional cash back on Citi credit card and debit card. You will also get surprised that you purchase the jewellery from Flipkart then you will get it with heavy discounted rate i.e. Minimum – 50% off on gold and diamond jewellery. If you are thinking about to buy electronic products then I will tell you, don’t be delay. Flipkart is offering up to 80% off on electronics.

This is not the least. Just visit the website of Flipkart and you can see many more discounted price in different categories of products. So, hurry on.

2. Amazon Diwali Sale

Amazon.in is also providing heavy discounts in different kind of products with Title of “Great Indian Festival sale ” which covers up to 45% off on electronic devices like T.V., Washing Machine and so on. It is also including 40% to 80% off on fashion clothes, formal clothes and casual clothes. You can also purchase toys, households and personal care
online from Amazon sale where it is giving you up to 60% discounts. Some more attractive offers and discounts available are on different products like Motorola products, up to 70% discounts on home decor and kitchen appliances, heavy discounts on books as well!

Some more relaxation is given by Amazon.in, if you make purchasing through State Bank Debit or Credit card.

For more attractive offers, please visit Amazon.in website.

Now we have to think about the different types of Clients Ad Agencies have to deal with every Diwali:

Among all of India’s festivals, Diwali is one of the best festival that brings some special effects in advertisers’ faces.

Here are some close surveys while celebrating the festival of light.

TYPE A: Let’s Do Something Big to This Diwali!

Normally, people do some fake promises to execute any work or responsibility. Sometimes they think “Bro!!! Let’s Do Something Big to This Diwali”. But at the end of time, they forget all the things and do as usual thing that is completely different from their main aim or promises.

TYPE B: Some Adventurous Work Need to do

There are some person, who want to do some Adventurous work like ride up a mountain etc. and hire for a good advertiser to advertise it. But, unfortunately, sometimes natural or personal issues fed up and thrash the all the concepts.

TYPE C: Let me Know when Dussehra Ends

Some of the clients are not so serious for such kind of festivals. Even I can bet you, if these festivals had not in weekly, then nobody would think about the festivals and all.

Now, One more interesting thing we should know, Why is Diwali 2016 being compared to the American Superbowl?

First we need to understand, what is Super Bowl?

In USA or Europe, The Christmas season and the Super Bowl are two some kinds of festive calendar events that plays a crucial role for reproduction of not only marketing advertisement but also some creative work. These two events are mostly mentioned in marketer’s calendar in advance basis. Some creative work that has been seen by Super Bowl for brands since last couple of years including Coke, Apple, Budweiser and some recent like Doritos and Audi. Do you still remember Oreo’s famous tweet in the Super Bowl 2013.

Diwali is Somewhere Compared to American Superbowl:

The festive season like Diwali gets prosperous and good sign from marketers. While good shoppers are treated as good ecommerce lovers, they are also keen to purchase products online from all the different other categories like auto, wear, durables, mobiles, home appliance, and many more, that are equally weightless. review So, Indians consider it Indian Super Bowl. In India, There are two seasons that is most demandable: IPL and Diwali. Every marketers wants to show out their ads in this festival time period. In the mean time, they do huge advertisements of their products with some pretty concept like the ‘happy family and a dog’.

Advertisement campaign plays different kind of creative concept to catch more clients and increase their sales report and leads and earn a good money in a limited time of period. So, these both of the things is done in Diwali‬ ‪Advertising‬ and ‪Super Bowl‬‬ Advertising.


As I tried to explain some points which is most happened in Diwali or Festive Season. I also explained how the online shopping portal assists a number of clients to purchase the products according to their needs in very reasonable charges.

But, one question is arised in mind, shall I also start an online business like Flipkart and can earn huge money like Flipkart or Amazon?

Answer is yes, you can also as you know online business in booming in India rapidly. You have a sufficient time to execute the plan and till Next Diwali you can also sale out a number of products like Flipkart and Amazon and you can challenge them accordingly.

But you should have to take first step right now and start working on different segments in step wise.

If you are thinking about the investment, then don’t worry. There are so many companies like assist you design and develop an online store like Flipkart or Amazaon in very reasonable charges.

So, don’t think more. Just take first step and contact , and setup a brand name in a limited period of time and sell your products like Flipkart across the India.

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