Build an Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp

App like WhatsApp
WhatsApp is the most desired after messaging application that has changed dramatically the messaging app market and has influenced a number of clones and challenges as well. On the flipside, several among those cloning tries are not able to match the criteria of App like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp clones which assure to have equivalent features as that of the industry experts are either use email messaging systems or doesn’t utilize even half of the technical features of WhatsApp.

In order to develop an App like WhatsApp, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of its operating process and technicalities.

How is App like WhatsApp Functioning Technically?

WhatsApp is a fast and user-friendly messaging app, which is used by Ejabberd (XMPP) server. This server sustains instant message send between two or numerous users at every given second.

ERLANG is the computer programming language implemented by WhatsApp. Ejabberd is an open source Jabber server mentioned in Erlang language. It was favored by the techies of WhatsApp as it was ideal for helpful huge communication method with high durability.

However, while developing an App like WhatsApp, a lot more attempts were put in like improvements in Ejabberd, choosing for an in-house protocol from XMPP, code rearrangement and incorporating crucial changes in Erlang. These tweaks added towards accomplishing optimal server efficiency.

Erlang also helps by quickly creating to quick updates and hot fixes. Anything regarding coding improvements, Erlang assists in rapidly pushing the modifications to live execution without needing a reboot. Hence any changes can be presented in quick time and succession.

1. Remarks on data transfer in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is able to manage more than 50 billion message exchanges a day. Thus how can these unstoppable queues of messages are highly processed without obstacle? The key element to the simple data transferring is situated with the message line and length. The length of the message of all the functions linked with a node is examined.

In the case of MMS messages, details (audio, videos, or picture) are loaded into an HTTP server and are connected with the content and then delivered to the receiving point i.e. receiver in thumbnail format. Based on the user’s choice the content can either be seen or extracted.

2. Method applied by WhatsApp

XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is being used by WhatsApp. To make sure network protection, DSL is currently being used. This assures private data exchange.

And when the message is sent, it is queued on the web server. The message delays in the queue until the receiver reconnects to get the message and whenever a message is sent the sender receives alerted by a double check tag near the message. After the delivery, the messages are immediately deleted from the host storage.

3. Enrollment method of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Sign up Process is used the normal practice of creating a user name and password, which usually we do during signing up for an e-mailing process, based upon the smart phone’s IMEI number.

Currently, the process has been modified. Instead of being primarily based on the IMEI number, WhatsApp now requests for the app to deliver a 5 digit PIN. A message will then be delivered to that particular phone number from WhatsApp. The application on the mobile system asks for a unique key from WhatsApp. This ditches out the reliance of WhatsApp getting used on the device.

4. Manage Database

For managing database, Mnesia DB plays a crucial role. Mnesia is a multiuser allocated DBMS which takes place to be the standard DB of ERLANG. Thus by working with Mnesia, the app is able to achieve faster request results, thereby enhancing the overall performance.

FreeBSD is the operating system on which WhatsApp is installed upon. Based on the ERLANG based software and enhancing FreeBSD, WhatsApp is capable of achieving better result oriented output. For keeping multimedia records, the application uses a special web server YAWS.

Create an App like WhatsApp Messaging Application with KartCastle

As we talked about the technical functionalities of WhatsApp, this is a moment to switch gears over considering all the possibilities of developing an App like WhatsApp. There are a lot of Instant Knockout messaging apps in the current market that seem to be ideal WhatsApp clones. The fact is many of the efforts of building WhatsApp like apps are failed because they do not comply with the technical elements.

Well, if we consider such apps as an example, it may be pretty hard to realize as they are entirely built products. Rather an available solution that can assist in would be a considerably better understanding material.

is a platform that catalyzes the create of an instant messaging software. KartCastle can be used to build WhatsApp clone app for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems as it offers the SDK ready for all these commonly preferred mobile platforms. As native coding has been utilized by KartCastle to obtain better quickness, it can be useful in building a WhatsApp like native app.


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