How To Develop Online Ticket Booking System

How to design online ticket booking system


To Develop Online Ticket Booking System, you have to sketch requirements. Requirements give birth to new business. There are following few important steps for developing online Ticket booking business they are as follows:-

1. Initial Requirements:-

The user should able to Select movie, concert or play from categories which should be there in the menu system. If we think about users about movie/theater and play menu they think about below the description. If user interest is developed in one of the given menu, then they can able to select a show time they can select ticket price and position of seats according to their budget. Mostly user needs to carry out efficient purchase of ticket such that they can get more and more advantage of ticket in nominal budget.

Additionally, if we think about what else they want in addition what else we can sell with this special system discuss below:-

Watching movie with snacks also leads to great fun at desired time .We can also increase list of audience by providing them alerts for forthcoming movies /concerts/ theater shows. Release of trailers of upcoming movie adds the interest of users in an upcoming movie. Reviews, synopsis, cast of currently showing and forthcoming shows, views and user ratings, short movie according to the time of interest. Venue on map helpful in getting directions from current locations.

2. Targeting Audience:-

After deciding on Initial requirements the most important thing is target audience what is their area of interest and what are the different type of audiences of various age group. After getting review and a rough knowledge about age group only we can create scenarios for system usage.

3. Task Analysis:-

First, you have to select the show timings by clicking on available timing options, then system have to check is there is any tickets are available or not. If no ticket is available, then a system should show error message ticket is not available or else if tickets are available, then, a system should select ticket on the basis of given price by clicking on available pricing options, then you have to choose type of ticket which type of ticket you want to buy, then you have to select number of tickets from the drop down menu. Then the system has to show if number of tickets are available or not if not available then system have to show number of seats are not available or else if number of seats are available, then you have to select seats and proceed further for payments. Then you have to select from the payment option whether you have to make payment via credit card or debit card.

4. Requirements:-

The final list for different types of requirements were to be prepared they are as follows:-

a. Functional requirements:-

Show list of movies, plays and concerts, venue along with their areas as well as fair with timings.

Reviews, ratings, regular updates to user on upcoming movies.

b. Data Requirements:-

Name of movies, synopsis, cast, upcoming movie, data associate with maps.

5. Conceptual models:-

Different conceptual models for system which can be implemented they are as follows:-

1. Manipulation +Instructing.

2. Browing+Instructing.

3. Conversational+Browsing+Instructing.

6. Feedback and system Architecture:-

It tells what exactly the amount of success we get also helpful in adding or updating the new functionality of the system.

For designing a proper implementation of requirements from all different tiny elements you can do a search for a website development company for developing online business.

I hope, I have covered some points regarding Develop Online Ticket Booking System,. Now this is the time to being a part of it, start your online ticket booking system and enjoy yourself with earning money.